Your Scientific Predictions

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I do think that machines will develop awareness, but how will we know? do you 'know' your not the only person aware of don't know and never will.
Nothing good is going to happen in the future in the long run were all Dead. On the optimistic side I think were going to bring on the next Ice age with all the poisons we dump into our planets atmosphere, oceans, and land. Thats right I said ICE AGE most people expect global warming thats why were going to get an ice age it'll be natures way of saying "screw you and your crap predictions"

Seriously, I'm not sure whats going to happen. I doubt people in 1904 could predict all the new ways we'd figure out how to kill each other by the end of WW2. From machine guns to atomic weapons, we made alot of "progress" in a short amount of time.
Landing on the moon again?
Any day soon it may happen. Nuff said.

Colonizing the moon?
Any decade soon, maybe?

Having a manned mission to mars?
Any century soon?

Colonizing Mars?
Any soon after manned mission to mars I believe.

Curing AIDS?
Never. Or soon.

Having a Nuclear War?
Who knows?

Futuristic Warfare? (lasers, ion cannons, etc.)
centuries afar, if I may say.

Building intelligent robots that are aware of their existance?
Next millenium.

Human Cloning?
It's now or never.
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