your reason for existing in life?

I am here to erect the beacon for all mankind to see works of wonder "The impossible structure" 8th wonder of the world. When the trumpets sound they will once more come, and we will be unified once more.
Loving the answers in this topic! I believe the reason for existence HERE is to learn. To reconnect with what we are, and are capable of.
Once we have transcended into this "Higher consciousness" we can move on. However, weather this transcendence happens before, at or after Death is still a mystery. My personal belief is at Death. My own explanation as to why people start talking to Long gone loved ones before they leave. Or Become either peaceful or panic.
I also believe that this state of panic before dying is also just being scared of what is to come as it might be overwhelming. Personally I don't Believe in Hell.
My work, for the world. I shall remove the scales from their eyes.
Life itself is reason enough. Even the mundane is exceptional when you consider the alternative, which is nonexistence.
Whats your reason for existing? Not aaa reason, your own reason...

I see it in the meanwhile to way 1) a couple of human like each other and they wanted to have a child to share their love with it ( Child )
2 ) let say I was an accident ( product of sensual desire ) . After the child is born , ( most of the time ) the mother gives love to the child . So here to someone wanted to share its love with me . In the journey of life we want to share our love and to be loved.
So the beginning if love comes from the Creator of life which is GOD.
Ok, my curiosity is killing me now....... What have you got in mind? Tesla? or something else?

Remember when you were a kid and you imagined beautiful places...hmm

The Impossible Structure is based on a pseud solution to the problem 'quadrature of a circle', accurate to calculating pi to 4 decimal places. Such acurracy for a simple construction is so accurate you will not be able to discern any error with even careful perception of the human eye. "Virtually" (HD) invisible to the human eye, what is this, a message in the math, a rhetorical question...

This building (beacon) inpires a Celestial conversation with Hala;) or who ever else wants to listen or iterate.

Follow the Purle Sun, on its daily ascensions, we will look past Orion wielding Gabriel's horn, on the left hand while the the other one is invisible on the right hand.

This is my art, telling my Celestial conversations to planet earth.

After the erection of the Impossible Structure (beacon)I hope you will be there to witness the birth of a new era...

Maybe one day you will become one of those who will be placed as a roll model helping to achieve the vision of "saving live's" a Celestial Star, who knows...

I was reading some of your post and would like to tell you I think you are very intuitive...hmm
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I live my life in service to an aesthetic.
There is literally "no accounting for taste" as taste is a qualitative, not a quantitative phenomenon.
If reason is tethered to quantitative analysis, Then I have no more reason than a tumbleweed motivated by a fickle wind and pausing to rest along a fence row now and again.

What is your "reason"?