your power

I would go for telekenesis too! With that power, imagine the evil genius you could be! What great fun! A spot of random murder perhaps, global domination, the whole package! Without wearing a dumb cape.......:D
I guess what I"m thinking of would be telekinesis. The ability to think it and make it happen. But included in that would be power over the elements. (Basically every combined power of the X-Men).
Whether I fight for good or evil would be dependent on what happened before i gained my power. Most likely I would fight for evil cause the bad guys are always the coolest.
Afterwards I would treat myself to a Bellini.
I would fight to the death for tolerance and religous freedom
If you could have a superhero power, what would it be and why?

willsince i already possess the abilities of flying and x-ray vision, to be blessed with more powers would seem unfair and greedy

And what would you do with this superhero power?

i like to fly around at night and use more xray vision to look through people's clothes

And what would you treat yourself to after a night of superheroics?

a nice flexible hooker

And what would you fight to the death for(I dont think sciforum members count here)?

the idea of leg warmers
I'd like to stop or reverse time, just to see it go backwards, not to try and change it or anything.