your perspective of the rave scene world wide?

Really, don't worry about it, i was just wondering if mescaline/peyote was prevalent where you lived, because like i mentioned earlier its literally unheard of around here.

PS - it was *StrGrl* who mentioned the mescaline..sorry for the confusion.
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...But its also about unity. I know that sounds corny but watching 20,000 ravers climb a mountain to watch the sunrise or watching 5000 ravers all swinging their glowsticks to the same groove - was pretty awesome to see.... If your not into E, Acid or Mescaline - dont even bother going... Everyone is so nice to each other, its really a great thing. Well, until the party stops I guess

It's a shame they can't find that same feeling without the use of drugs. Wouldn't that be cool?
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they ended up taking him to the hospital to get his stomch pumped.. poor guy.. well sort of.. he's kinda of a jerk now. so... i guess i dont feel so bad for him afteral....

So what was in that drink that turned him into a jerk?:D
What can I say about the Dutch rave and Clubbing scene:

Holland is the largest producer of synthetic drugs, also famous for our Blue-Mystic 2ct7 wich was legally available for a while in the smartshops here.

Are fun drugs and fun music related?

- Tiesto
- Armin van Buuren
- Johan Gielen
- Niels van Gogh
- Ferry Corsten
- Armand van Helden
- Vincent de Moor
- Jonathan Petersen
- Paul van Dijk (haha no, he aint Dutch but German, but at least his name sounds Dutch)
- Erick E
- Michel De Heij
- Roog

Need I say More ?

There is a city near amsterdam, called "Zaandam" where you could start clubbing friday-night and NON-stop until monday-noon!

If one club closes another afterpartyclub will open and even afternoon clubs. Zaandam traditionally has a lot of gyms and bodybuilders, so it is not surprising that the merge of the clubscene and the bb scene started a nationwide GHB epidemic with the region Zaanstad as it's epicentre....
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Nope, actually it is causing a lot of problems, cause a lot of these kids think they can swallow caps of GHB just like mdma pills, ignoring it's much steeper dose-curve. Just this month GHB got scheduled as hard drug in Holland....

It was the health/nutrition-stores that sold GABBA supplements to fitness enthousiasts that prepared the market for GHB in Holland....

Not exactly proud, but I suppose I got carried away on a mini-roll there, sometimes you get that nice flashback when you read about the partyscene and a good party is scheduled tonight in club XL.
:p :D ;) :) :cool:
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Isn't that a socalled: 'rape-drug'? I don't know of the effects, I haven't tried it, but I recon it's heavy,

once there was a woman visiting (she was dutch) and she was addicted to this stuff, she drunk like these 'shots' of it (!) really: she was off the world man, I swear ya, she couldn't talk any sense, jsut utterly crap came out of her mouth,

and when I see such things,...I just feel lucky that I never had to try it.:bugeye:

Greetz fukushi

I've never been to a rave, so I can't comment on the scene in general. I have a lot of friends who are very into it and thats fine.
HOWEVER, there was one time when I went to a park with my girlfriend expecting it to be a quiet place to hang out and to my dismay found that it had been taken over by an outdoor rave with music that literally consisted of one tone played over and over again without change at a volume that could be heard from probly 10 blocks away. That I didn't like.

That was probably a legitimit one, should find one from the underground, the forbidd'n ones! That party was probably just a distraction from the real one going on in the naburhood, somewhere verry close by I guess!;)