your perspective of the rave scene world wide?

first of all.. what does the pic have to do with anything?
second... how would the two even relate?

although i myself have never been to a rave, i know people who go to them. three words come to mind: extacy, glow sticks, hepatitis. (and in detroit: menengitis)... goth and satanism were definatly not one of them. LOL:bugeye:
Yes, they are evil
Hepatitis? Surely people don't shoot up at a Rave...didn't think heroin was much of a party or social drug..

Clarify please? :bugeye:
First off, Welcome Divine!!!:)

Secondly, I am a retired raver and yes its mostly about drugs, music and dancing. But its also about unity. I know that sounds corny but watching 20,000 ravers climb a mountain to watch the sunrise or watching 5000 ravers all swinging their glowsticks to the same groove - was pretty awesome to see.... If your not into E, Acid or Mescaline - dont even bother going. I went sober one time and almost fainted from the lighting and the music. Everyone is so nice to each other, its really a great thing. Well, until the party stops I guess
And there were no gothic people at the numerous raves I have went to. Alotta freaks but no satan worshippers. Hope this helps..

Rave on!:D
I love ravers, they buy my clothes. :D No, that was ugly said of me.
I like the atmosphere in the outdoors raves, it's very natural, firendly and happy, even without drugs.
At those raves most people seem to know eachother to begin with, so it's all very relaxed. But I have been to raves with a very uptight atmosphere too, when being in style is all that matters and taking the right drug.
So they can vary, just as any other parties.

Writing this down actually presented me with a moral dilemma.
Am I with my clothes contributing to the drug hype around the rave scene?
using heroin is not the only way that hepatitis can be spread, and hepatitis b is quite common.. however, here menegitis is more common... at one rave in .. lansing.. i think.. kids had.. ring pops.. and they were diping it in sugar and crushed.. something.. might have been some form of extacy, dont really remember... one kid had meningitis.. spread like wildfire....
might have been some form of extacy, dont really remember... one kid had meningitis.. spread like wildfire....

Yikes! That why I never let anyone take a drink of my water, or a hit of my cigs!!! I wouldnt let anyone touch me at a rave either. They are dirtier than all hell (the rave wherehouses that is). I remember people always asking me if I wanted a massage. I was like "Hell no!" - in a nice way of course:D
one: what the hell is that
two: don't really like rave
three: what the point of taking drug it can kills if you not careful
"never leave your drink, and if you do, get a new one"
im constantly telling my mother that.. :p
im glad you dont understand. it makes the rest of us ladies feel safer... :)

my freidns then-b/f once got a glass meant for someone else..they ended up taking him to the hospital to get his stomch pumped.. poor guy.. well sort of.. he's kinda of a jerk now. so... i guess i dont feel so bad for him afteral....
three: what the point of taking drug it can kills if you not careful

Well, thats why you are careful. Duh! Plus its fun:D And remember, more people die each year in airplane accidents then of Extacy:D
and im sure alot more people ride in airplanes than take extacy.
i think ill take my chances...

but what if you took extacy mid-flight? would you be securing your safe landing?
Hehe. Nightfall, have you ever used mescaline/peyote, and is it easily attainable in Detroit-ish? Around here nobody's heard of it, except the old ex-hippies from the 70's...i thought maybe that nobody makes it or picks the cactus anymore, and if they do, maybe its not around town here. There's plenty of mushrooms or LSD though, for all your hallucinogenic needs! :D
if you really want something.. you can get it.... although. i dont know of anyone who keeps it on hand.... infact..i dont think ive ever met anyone who sells it at all..
Well you mention mesc and peyote, but ya dont know if it's sold? :bugeye:

It'd be awesome if there WAS some around here..or there. Or everywhere. Especially everywhere.