Your Perfect Woman


hey what a surprise no chic pix.
and here i was thinking most of the replys here would b images from the chicpic thred.

perfect girl:
i used 2 write about it, and finaly ended up w a perfect girl that was an alien from outerspace.

lets see:
smooth hairless skin that is green
nice body
nice hair on hear head
super intelligence
knows all the best spots throut the galaxy and th univers.
likes 2 travel and gets along well with all kinds of species.
enjoys being with everybody regardless of status.
(can be frendly with royalty that is famous as well as poor people that wash dishes for a living or whatever)
is great in bed!!!
very articulate (this isnt as important as the rest)
likes to have lots of fun in whatever she does.

Here are some other things I pasted from my writings:

Her presence lights up a room
She creates a sense of excitement wherever she goes

She has complete and total trust in her intuitions that put her in touch with her destiny. Therefore, she is in tune and in control of herself, nature, and the energies that bind everything together in harmony.

She has an inner strength that other women try to emulate. There are no impossibilities when it comes to her capabilities. The only limit she puts on herself is the infinity of her imagination.

Caring and loving peaceful nature
Conserves her energy in a way that maximizes her ability to reach her goals and fulfill her purposes. Her home and lifestyle reflects a sense of order that gives her clarity and direction in all of her undertakings.

She cares enough about the world around her to study and learn about how things work. she is curious about subjects such as philosophy, mathematics, psychology, laws of physics, human biology, history, world economics, and many others.

She is in the world but not of it
She has the ability to see herself and the results of her actions
Able to work in groups and relate with others.

Instead of waiting for chance to shape and determine her future, she takes the responsibility to create her own experiences. Furthermore, she possesses the ability to learn from life occurrences and detach herself from negative patterns. She does not blame circumstances for determining her direction in life. She uses them as an instrument for escalating her level of maturity.
Perfect woman doesn't exist.

A woman who is perfect enough for me:

Someone who is unique and intriguing.

Realistically if I ask any more than that, I will die a lonely man.

Okay, what the hell. Just for fun :D I'll give it a shot.

1. never talks about commitment or children.
2. stays home and be a house wife.
3. laughes at my joke even though it is really lame.
4. hates shopping.
5. loves playing computer games and chess.
6. likes readying my books on Ronald Reagan, modern political strategies, supply side economics, etc...
7. cooks every meal and does chores.
8. easy to satisfy sexually
9. don't bother me when I am doing my hobby.
10. post in sciforums :D
Perfect? Ok, here goes: great personality, smart, funny, likes me the way I am, all around good person, not taller or heavier than me....oh yeah, and after all that, good looks are a plus.