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What's your guys perfect woman? Looks, personality, whatever you feel like describing...

Mine would be very innocent. Maybe glasses. I love intelligent chicks. Opinionated. Confident in herself, doesn't need to where tube tops and miniskirts. An individual. Style, don't really care what kind, just a style all-her-own. Straight edge, no drinking or drugs. If I had to choose looks, maybe a little goth looking, just slightly.

How bout you guys? Or girls with their perfect guy?
I believe I have already found the perfect person for me.

But anyway, I shall continue....

Looks really come second, but being attractive never hurts ;)
I just want somebody that understands me and accepts my flaws. That's not too much to ask for is it? IS IT?
Well aslong as she is not really stupid and/or annoying looks aren't that important. But since it is about the perfect women here comes:

Blond (mandatory :) )
not a low selfasteem
interresting (gawd i should had that as a mandatory qualification earlier in life)
I have been with an incredibly gorgeous girl, so beautiful that modelling companies came to her begging her to work for them; but she had no heart and no brain. I was once with a female bodybuilder; that was just ok, fun, physically geat fun. While some physical things are fun, good looks alone ceased to matter to me completely with my last girlfriend. What do I want? Integrity, intelligence, a decent heart, and I do prefer good health.
yes. it is

awwwww :( But I didn't ask, but I recieved :)

I was once with a female bodybuilder
lmao!! I read this as 'I was once a female bodybuilder'!!! :eek:

Yes, good health. I don't mind drinking in moderation but smoking is a no-go area for me
Chemistry is vital.

I've met a fair number of ladies that both offer a fair share of intelligence, good humour & good looks. But at the end of the day the ones that plucked ay my heart strings had a quality that defied definition.

If I could define that "chemistry" I would be far happier.
perfect woman: sense of humor is a must. hair color doesn't matter although i prefer dark or light. nothing too thin, nor the opposite.. (should i be staring at a photo of her while i write this?). must have respect for herself, class. easy-going personailty. not overly sensitive. oh.. one last thing.. bi/les.. lol
Goodness...and guys complain about girls dreaming of the perfect man...:bugeye:
Hmm, passion, intelligence and self-knowledge is a must. Artistic and philosophical ability, a good (read: completely sick) sense of humour, ethics that coincide with mine, and a proper relationship with power. Somebody who'd tolerate my thirty minute rants on whatever I rant about and would have interesting thirty minute rants of their own.

Which goes for my ideal man, as well.
logical, intelligent, must like metal, phylosophical, strong individualist, beautiful, sporty, silent, "don't worry, be happy" attitude, dark (not skin colour), must like nature
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I'd have to be able to have a real conversation with her. Not a fake one. She wouldn't smoke tobacco, she wouldnt be slutty, she'd be a little wild/crazy though. She wouldnt like math, she's have red hair, she'd drive (i don't). Hm... she'd have cool and interesting ideas for what we could do together, she wouldnt be an abstinance type, in fact she'd like kinky sex. Piercings, sure doesnt matter, just no fake contacts in the eyes, hate those things. She wouldnt be taller than me, she'd paint her toenails and have pretty feet, she'd like chinese food. She'd be good looking but wouldnt be conceited or vain, smart but not think she'd superior to everyone else. She'd be open about ideas, and wouldnt disagree TOO much with me on certain issues. She'd like action movies AND chick flicks, she'd like pornos. She'd like hiking and sleeping out under the stars :D

I guess that's about it. :cool:

OH, and a great awesome sense of humor, must not take life seriously at all..i don't. ;)
A female version of me.

Unfortunately I know I'm so unique that I've stopped looking.

I don't look or hope for a significant other. Waste of time. There's nothing we can do about it. I love my solitude. I don't NEED anyone to have a great time. But if I were to fall in love I wouldn't fight it.