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is here and $79 has been debited from your account. Click here etc etc.

Yeah right!

This is what the email called spy doctor attempts to install in your system:

The Small.coy trojan downloader belongs to a family of known primitive trojan downloaders that have a download URL encrypted in the end of their files. The URL to this particular trojan downloader (smsender.exe file) was spammed in e-mails to a large number of addresses. When downloaded and run by a recipient the trojan downloader attempts to download and activate a file named installer2.0.26.exe from a website hosted in Canada.

The downloaded file is detected as 'Trojan-PSW.Win32.Agent.fy' and it is technically a trojan dropper. Once activated, it drops a DLL file and registers it as a component of Internet Explorer. This DLL file is the main spying component and it is activated when Internet Explorer is run. The spying component collects and sends out the following data:
Data from webforms that a user fills in including the URLs of the site
POP and SMTP (e-mail) account login names and passwords
HTTP e-mail account login names and passwords
MSN passwords
Outlook account information
Internet Explorer passwords for protected sites
IE autocomplete fields data
Information about an infected computer
Windows cached passwords
The trojan can also create a batch file that deletes system files from the Program Files and System Root (main Windows directory) folders.
If you open the attachment. Its obviously well hidden. The above info is courtesy of my AV provider. The email arrived in my outlook express box today. I knew what it was already and then my AV popped up and told me what it contained. The attachment is (allegedly) an invoice for the money they have "taken from you" - but - its not!!
With outlook express I tend to have the following set:

Tools > Options
Security Tab:
Radio button set to "Restricted sites zone"
Warn me when other applications try to sendan email as me ticked
Do not allow attachments to be opened or saved if they could potentially be a virus ticked
Block images and other external content in HTML email.

On the Read tab, I have "Read all messages in plain text" ticked

Simply all my emails are admittedly dull, boring and sometimes littered with HTML. However it's stopped no end of viruses ever being a problem in the first place since they don't execute, some automatic links you have to click for signing up however usually require me to painstakenly recode them from their Escaped format back to a URL but thats a small price to pay.