Your Opportunity to Discuss the Musical Taste of FredX

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Hello everybody. Wknow nothing about FredX's personal tastes in music. He has criticized (positively and negavitely,) us a great volume yet we know very little about his tastes. Other than what he considers 'wus'/

At one point, I though he didn't even like music at all. It sounded a lot like that. Recent statements of his have put this into question. He's even implied at one point that there is music which he likes? So what it is it? I don't know...

I invite Fredx use this thread as an opportunity to open up. Any commentary or speculation is welcome, too. So enjoy.

I'll place a few links to some of his threads for reference:
'Stink Floyd and Stool'
'the "Macho" Electro Rock-Metal Problem'
Music Genie
Pearl Jam Shrine (which he seems to like)
Why don't I "feel" rock and metal bands these days?
Okay...okay...(fredx is smiling)...
There are alot of groups and musicians that I think are worthy of a listen from all different catagories. What catagory of music would you like me to speak about?

Oh and are you sure that this is not the "pathetic effort to get back at fredx because he put down your cheesy favorite band" post. Is revenge really worth it Elbaz? I once thought you were a decent guy, I am slowly changing my view, you are sneaky and deceptive little flake more than anything else.

Actually, I am going to cut you to the chase. After years of living in a decrepit old, dark, danky, musty cell of a basement, I have resubmerged and now I only listen to Tickle me Elmo records played backwards at speed 2 on a Victrola. Blow off, I am not telling you crap about me, mostly because I don't trust you.

And that goes for the rest of you finks also.
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