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I need to get a gift for that "special girl" , and as I would like to get an unbiased opinion I wont say anything about her. Any suggestions?
I was hoping someone would suggest somthing not bought in the store.... already in the right track!

I'll consider it!!!!
Hows about: something not to big, not too small, just the size of Montreal...

You can have Qubec..... we dont want it :p
Prehaps a few clues as to what your lady's likes and dislikes are. Sometimes getting that perfect gift is not easy...
*Resists the urge and decides to follow CounselerCoffee's rules*

hmmm....well, it'd really help to know how old the two of you are.
I can hep!

If ok with you,... send me her photo, some personal details about her character, desires, dreams and wishes.

...if possible, her phone numer.

If you do that, I'm certain that I'll have the very best ideal present for her.
Listen to everything she talks about. Listen for her favorite colors, favorite things. Then as you walk around, think about things that would match with those things. When you go places with her, watch what stuff she looks at and likes. She would be extremely pleased to get a gift that way than some other, more generic "romantic" :p gift.