Your Opinion: The State of the World


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Let's get down to the skinny, what is your opinion of the state of the World?

Only a couple things, please include:

Country of Birth: ?
Currently Residing: ?
Age: ?
Financial Background: (From a lower, middle, upper or anything inbetween class)

Some resources (if necessary),

Nation Master - Fantastic Statistic Finder/Anaylizer for Nations.

World Fact Book 2003

Statistics don't tell the whole story so feel free to reflect openly.

You gotta know where you are to get to where you wanna go

So where are we right now? I'm gonna keep this open and let you come at this from a single perspective (environmental, economy, political etc.) or try to tackle the question in an overall sense.

Looking forward to reading some opinions! :p

Curi :D us
Country of birth: Germany
Still there.
Age: 20
Financial background: Middle class

What about the state of the world, I mostly get the impression that I am surrounded by weak minded, spineless, unreasonable, shallow and enslaved people that do not have a concept of their own demise.
So I think that the world of mankind is a cesspool.
I do not care about politics or economy, I mean, I know how it works and what the current situation is. But I think it is a perversion of the human society, along with religion.

Where we are right now? Exactly where we were 3000 years ago, we just have more fancy extras.

So, my opinion on the state of the world: Burn it down.
Country of Birth: USA

Currently Residing: USA

Age: Old Fart

Financial Background: Middle of the road

So where are we right now? I'm gonna keep this open and let you come at this from a single perspective (environmental, economy, political etc.) or try to tackle the question in an overall sense.

Well the Earth is in a state of constant flux. It all depends on where you live as to what's happening around you. Where I happen to live it is tranquil and laid back. We really don't worry all that much here in Key West for there's not many people living here in the past.

We are however facing a growing population explosion which is affecting the lifestyle of the past and more higher valued properties are being built where they shouldn't be. Since we live on an island no larger than 5 square miles we need to keep from developing every square inch of realestate. We really are in a bad way with our beaches closed down because of fecal contamination and they want to add more people to the problem.

This overpopulation problem is the main problem worldwide and that will cause many more problems to happen.
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Country of Birth: USA
Currently Residing: USA
Age: 16
Financial Background: Lower-Middle Class

I for one think the world has way too much hate in it. There's so much that I can't bear to live with it!
Country of Birth: Canada
Currently Residing: Canada
Age: 18
Financial Background: Middle Class

The state of the world?
Constant, and accelerated change. It seems like humanity and our entire collective unconscious is switching to a higher frequency. Some very positive (computer technology, medicine) and very negative (distribution of wealth, overpopulation, looming disease epidemics) changes emerging. This doesn't mean impending doom, but a higher state of uncertainty. Individuals will play a greater role in the future.
Country of Birth: USA
Currently Residing: USA
Age: 18
Financial Background: middle-class

The world, despite impressions from the media, is more peaceful on average than it ever has been in the past. It is slowly in the process of forging international entities (UN, EU, AU, ASEAN, etc.) in an attempt to facilitate economic cooperation and diplomacy. Most conflicts are confined to intellectual debates in the political and academic circles; overall literacy rate continues to rise. Development is rapid in certain countries, and is also certain to occur in the remaining "Third World" that currently experiences stagnation. Although the world is occasionally plagued by savage terrorism, it is expected to recover in the coming decades. The United States' position as the world's only superpower is increasingly challenged by the People's Republic of China. Technology, science, and engineering grow exponentially, exerting a pervasive influence on life. The world continues to deal with a the continuous population explosion that began to take off after WWII, currently at 6.37 billion.
Country of Birth: USA
Currently Residing: USA
Age: 17
Financial Background: middle-class

To hell in a hand basket.
Country of Birth:USA
Currently residing: USA but wouldn't mind a change in scenery
Background: middle class
I think that a majority of the world sucks. At least it does here. I think the world is too full of the true enemies of humanity. They take on personifacations but the true enemy to humanity are ignorance, fear and hatred. If you think about it. Ignorance is what we don't know or understand. There are so many stupid people in the world. Humanity has a natural fear of what it doesn't understand. It hates what it fears and attempts to destroy that being. If you could still do the coupe thing like in the old days I'd throw the President out myself. I couldn't do much worse.