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Kadark the Champion

Philosopher, orator, apostle, legislator, warrior, conqueror of ideas, restorer of rational dogmas, of a cult without images; the founder of twenty terrestrial empires and of one spiritual empire, that is Kadark. As regards all standards by which human greatness may be measured, we may well ask, "is there any man greater than he?"

he dead, he;s dead. drinking johnny walker red. he's dead, found him in bed, his fish werent fed and now their dead.
I read this and cringed. What 1 sentence (just 1!) would you like to be said about you?

Dolores Aguilar

1929 - Aug. 7, 2008
Dolores Aguilar, born in 1929 in New Mexico, left us on August 7, 2008. She will be met in the afterlife by her husband, Raymond, her son, Paul Jr., and daughter, Ruby.

She is survived by her daughters Marietta, Mitzi, Stella, Beatrice, Virginia and Ramona, and son Billy; grandchildren, Donnelle, Joe, Mitzie, Maria, Mario, Marty, Tynette, Tania, Leta, Alexandria, Tommy, Billy, Mathew, Raymond, Kenny, Javier, Lisa, Ashlie and Michael; great-grandchildren, Brendan, Joseph, Karissa, Jacob, Delaney, Shawn, Cienna, Bailey, Christian, Andre Jr., Andrea, Keith, Saeed, Nujaymah, Salma, Merissa, Emily, Jayci, Isabella, Samantha and Emily. I apologize if I missed anyone.

Dolores had no hobbies, made no contribution to society and rarely shared a kind word or deed in her life. I speak for the majority of her family when I say her presence will not be missed by many, very few tears will be shed and there will be no lamenting over her passing.

Her family will remember Dolores and amongst ourselves we will remember her in our own way, which were mostly sad and troubling times throughout the years. We may have some fond memories of her and perhaps we will think of those times too. But I truly believe at the end of the day ALL of us will really only miss what we never had, a good and kind mother, grandmother and great-grandmother. I hope she is finally at peace with herself. As for the rest of us left behind, I hope this is the beginning of a time of healing and learning to be a family again.

There will be no service, no prayers and no closure for the family she spent a lifetime tearing apart. We cannot come together in the end to see to it that her grandchildren and great-grandchildren can say their goodbyes. So I say here for all of us, GOOD BYE, MOM.

Sound like this eulogy..
Why only one sentence? :/ Written by my future husband:

Here rest our beautiful Inzomnia, we will continue to see her beauty and personality in our beloved daughter. :sleep:
"Here rest Enmos, all animals cry today". :confused:

"Goodbye S.A.M., America will remember you". :D

I gotta go to Uni, bye.

I am damaging to nature by being human.. I am not in any way natures hero.
I just try to lessen the damage.
"All the animals appreciated his self-sacrificing suicide"

It's not going to help. Besides I'm reluctant to kill myself, maybe it's my nature..

I can't understand where the hostility is coming from though.
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