Your Most Viewed Movie


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I suppose you can download it from kazaa and later burn on a cd

Yes...umm...I have 185 DivX movies...:D

Just buy a TV Tuner, set the comp resolution on the lowest resolution (something like 600x400 or 500x300), preferbaly use a laptop for portability...then put on full screen mode and let it project on the TV...ahh DVD sound and quality...:D

Anyone like to trade, FTP...or pm me..I got a movie list for download if anyone is interested...

And the Godfather kicks ass!!

Yea i know what you mean... and they always have to travel to the other side of the world to fix the problem. I hope that a meteor hits their world soon, so I will never have to watch it again.
LOL! :D Yeah, I mean, they just don't die! They never get older, even when their voices change every time! And the singing! Now I know where Barney got it from...ancestral traits, bah! :D
Oh yeah, forgot the mention:
I took the "Animal Personality Test". It turns out I'm either Dolphin, Sea Lion or Horse. :D Yes, super hybrid! muahaha! I talk in incoherent squeaks, can perform amusing tricks for sardines, and will kick the cr@p out of you if you try to saddle me! hehehe! :D Just call me Dolphealionhorse! :cool:

Squeakbarkneigh! rofl :)
Bladerunner. That film gets better every time.

Not because I want to or anything, but The Wizard of Oz and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, are probably some of the most watched.
Nearly every Christmas without fail. How sad is that? :D
Do any of you have a little brother that will select a movie, and then watch it ten times a day for a week?:bugeye:
Nope! :D But I'd kill for a sibling... :( You don't know how lucky you are, if you have a brother or sister. :(
Hey Gifted, can you lend me one? :D Ah, I'm just kidding, it's not like you can sell them or anything, though I know many of my friends would dearly love to, heh heh!
Escaflowne : The Movie (watched it 4 times already, only because it's on DVD and it's so irresistable) :D
hahaah CLIFFORD with Martin Short.... its hilarious hes great in that movie (and no its not about the big red dog) im not THAT childish......:D
Blade Runner without question. Such an eternal theme, the value of all life. I'm constantly catching nuances I missed on previous viewings...Ridley Scott is the most brilliant director in the scifi genre, and the most talented visually in the entire industry. Even if it didn't have everything else going for it, I'd watch it over and over just for the visuals.

And yes, Agent@5, Scott has stated that Deckard is supposed to be a replicant, it's definiately inferred...particularly in the unicorn dream sequence which is included in the directors cut.
Alfred Hitchcock's "Vertigo" (1958)

NOT for those with a short attention span. The first time you see it you may get a little bored or impatient for it to end, but it ages VERY well.
Would probably either be "the big lebowski" (always great for a spiritual boost, the dude is a sage) or casablanca or the first three starwars movies:)