Your Most Viewed Movie


Golden Sparkler
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Is there a movie that you've seen more than any other? What is it?

For me, i watched the western Young Guns many many MANY times when i was a teenager, and know i've seen it way more than any other movie.
Contact, Contact, Contact. I was obsessed with that movie for years and then lost it. It was so dissapointing because I tried for so long to understand it, since I thought for years that if I could, I would be really smart. Then I realized the whole movie was impossible, for the predetermined reason by Carl Sagan that it would get people talking about science.:confused:

2nd would be Dancer in the Dark, but then something happened and this whole realy important section get really quiet. My DVD wasn't damaged, and I think Catherine DeNeuve did it just to spite me.:( :( :confused:
The Long Kiss Goodnight
it has everything. action, drama, a wee bit of romance, comedy. You can watch it over and over again and never get tired of it.
hm..... and second would be How To Mary A Millionaire. :D
contact had a point to it?

or are you saying you realized it didn't.

jodie foster was amazing, but i think i needed more resolution at the end.

but what do you expect, its a profound scifi movie. if that movie has a message i think it was uttered by her alien-lookalike-dad she imagined while in the big metal ball thingy. you can look in the stars for answers for eternity, but youll never find what youre looking for. the meaning of life is love and eachother. were all we have. .
Hmmmmmm. Either the Usual Suspects, Spanish Prisoner or Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure!

John Leguizamo is an amazing actor in that.

I hate the word. As I hate hell; all Montagues; and thee.'

ubermich: I think you're right about Contact.

Of course, Carl could have made it a bit less bloody obscure....
Hate to be conventional, but I was bought up on return of the Jedi.....more recently, I'd say I've watched Fight Club and American Beauty more than nay other.
The old Excalibur movie with Helen Mirren and Patrick Stewart. No sense whatsoever of historical accuracy concerning armour and weaponry and such, but it's still groovy.

The Usual Suspects.
Titan AE (I'm a space nut).
Clint Eastwood westerns.
Old swashbuckling films.
Pitch Black.
Hackers!!! (It's just so damn cheesy it's cool).
By the way, Tyler, it is worth noting that The Usual Suspects was bankrolled by Spelling (the Evil One) Films. Freaky.
1. Hot Shots (1 and 2) those movies rock. they're super,
2. Stargate,
3. Star Wars (the old ones, but Clone War is cool too)
1) Empire Strikes Back
2) Star Trek Generations
3) Failsafe (wish I could watch it more often, it was the movie that Dr. Strangelove parodied congrats)
number 1 would be Akira,
Followed by Life of Brian and The Quest for the Holy Grail by Monty Python.
Hmm.. and Merlin (with Isabella Rossellini, Sam Neil, Miranda Richardson, etc).

I have been trying to get a copy of Excalibur for a very long time now. No luck (they've stopped producing the VHS, and I have no DVD player yet :() I loved it!
First off, Adam Excalibur that is an awesome movie, must agree. Anyway for me:

Jurassic Park. First I used to watch it once a month then once a week then there actually was a year of my life where I watched it twice a day the whole year long. (I had no life then, even less then I have now). I can probably quote the whole thing. Its sick. I've probably seen it more times then any other human being on the planet.
I bought Excalibur on DVD for my little brother 6 months ago.