Your most memorable computer moments

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My 1st computer was a Commodore 16 :eek:
Most memorable moment is getting rid of my Amiga 2000 with 24Mb Ram, 2 x 54Mb scsi HDDs, picasso card, 286 card & a 2 speed CD-ROM. I wished I still had it :(
my most memorable expirience was when I broke my step-dad's work computer, then panicked, and re-installed the OS to see if that would fix the problems. About 1/5th of the way through, I suddenly realized that the re-install might very well wipe the drive and all the files....and then my step-dad pulled into the driveway.
Sweating bullets for the last 10 minutes while hearing him walking around downstairs, and I'm not even sure if I've just deleted all of his work papers.....

The computer finishes, reboots, everything is there, everything works, the OS is back, and no files are missing. Put the disks back on the shelf and head downstairs.

This is when I first became a macintosh lover. When re-installing OS 7 was simple enough that my Step-Dad never found out what I had done. :D

The *first* memorable expirience was when I first sat in front of a computer - an Apple ][e w/ a text-based RPG on it (left,left,right,left,right to find a super sword!). My Mom got rid of that machine one summer while I was away at camp. She kept all the disks, but got rid of the machine. A lot of good the disks did me without a machine to read them :\

The last was when I went from a 66mhz machine to a 266mhz machine, and 1 hour RayDream renders dropped to ~6 minutes. The G3 processor was SO much faster than the 601e.
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My hardware moment was when I was very young. My parents always kept up on technology and my mom had wanted a brand new computer for her buisness because her real estate company was one of the first to put listings online and take "technological leaps" ahead of the competition. Anyway, we bought a computer with this new "internet". The computer was a 486 with "top of the line" specs. It has a 14.4 modem. we were the first family in my town to get internet. over the next couple of years, the internet buisness expanded and many more people signed up. I'll never forget playing Earth Siege II and Space Bucks and having my friends gawk at the graphics and gameplay. I was housecleaning and I found the Space Bucks CD. Is there a way that I can make a Windows 3.1 game run on XP?
MY most rememorable software moment was when I first learned how ot uwse Visual Basic and I thought I was the shit. That was until I found out that C++ is a stronger language and people didn't take VB that serious. I now know Delphi VB HTML and some Java and a bit of C++.

As for a hardware moment I owuld say it was owning my first computer that I actually owned which was.

Zeos Pantera
100MHZ Intel Pentium <--Back b4 intel locked the multiplyer so it could be OC'ed
48MB ram <-- this was an upgrade not sure what it was before
4MB Sis Video card
1Gig HDD <----another upgrade
4x CD Rom

This was a old computer it was used in a government Law enforcement office. Had a classified drive on it but that was removed. My father in law gave it to my wife. I remember thinking hey this thing will be capable of anything and then trying to get it to run a game and completely froze it. On the plus side you could beat the hell out of it and it would still run.
Watching my first Linux kernel compile and run - Second was tossing my Win95 discs in the garbage. ;)
Typing short stories on a telex machine was one of my rememberal moments, since it was close to wordprocessing computer/fax machine at the time.
Back in probably 1999, seeing a Pentium II 400 mhz PC in action at the Crotched Mountain school and noticing Netscape launching noticably faster than I ever saw with a even Pentium I PC!

I then started wishing that I could get a brand new PC. LOL.
When I first had internet @/home and the first webpage loaded, that was a special moment. It was in April 1999 and it was a 56k modem.
10 months later I got ADSL.
My most special moment was not about super hardware or something.......... it's about the first time I know about the 'vie page source' feature in web browsers.... Boy, not only they teach me quite a bit in basic web-design knowledge and some analytical skill (whoa, boastful..), but they also help me sooth my wrath on that worthless crap named Yahoo Greetings.
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I remember maxing out my 486 dx100 by purchasing 32 meg of ram, giving me a whopping 64 meg. Cost for 32 meg of ram $600. :eek:
if you'll send me a dollar i'll take that 32 meg ram chip off your hands.
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