Your Mathimatical Background


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I'm just wondering, what are all your backgrounds in Math? Since most of you seem to know what you're talking about...
appearing confident and posessing knowledge are two very different things :D

i am awakening after a long slumber and reintroducing myself to math, currently refreshing calculus.
doin engineering,,, trying to grasp math,, but as an attitude,,,, (makes a cross sign with fingers ) stay away stay away....

ok i try to do it,, but,, its very difficult cos calculus,, and often i feel i am required to make a big jump in maths without doing any good solid foundation work,,,
Have degree in math. Only thing I learned is that math is a language like any other and is open to all.
I was a mathematics major at USC, but just transferred into the Colorado School of Mines for Petroleum engineering. I've gone through calc 2 and Matric/Vector algebra.
Did a couple of years maths at uni. I teach it to undergraduates. I know a fair amount from studies of physics.

Maths is just a tool physicists use when they need it. :)
Long story... Freshman year this guy was always on my case because I was not in his advanced geometry course. He called me "stupid" (and variations of that term) just about everyday for it. This made me think subconciously that math was important.

The next year I took the advanced geometry course he was in and got a C. The next two years I took regular math.

I was always upset that others were in the advanced math courses and I was not. I felt stupid.

Last semester I had to withdraw from calculus because I was failing. Now I have to take a math course this summer to make up for it! @#$&*! :mad:

Lethe, that is usually a good sign :)

More or less same situation as James' here: four years of math courses during physics studies at the university, now doing research in mathematical physics & teaching introductory physics and maths to undergraduates.


BS in physics.

Calc 1-3, Diffy-Q, Math physics. that's pretty much it. I learned most of my higher math in physics though. particularly thermodynamics and electromagnetics. ESPECIALLY electromagnetics. some of the stuff in there had the math majors at my college cowering in fear. thermo was basically a preview of calc 3 tho. same materials.. partials, del operators, whatnot else.

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BS in physics.

ESPECIALLY electromagnetics. some of the stuff in there had the math majors at my college cowering in fear.


I'm scared too...