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"The Week"

Wikipedia said:
The current publication called The Week (ISSN 1362-3435) has no connection with either of the previous two. It was started by Jolyon Connell and Jeremy O'Grady in 1995. It provides a review of the week's most important news, as well as coverage of the arts, business, health and science. Its motto is "All you need to know about everything that matters". A U.S. edition (ISSN 1533-8304) was launched in April 2001 by Dennis Publishing Ltd, which now publishes both editions.

I'm considering getting this mag. While "The New Yorker", "WSJ, "The Economist" & "NatGeo" have been my staples for years, this one looks pretty good. Thoughts?

What magazines to you read?

I read different ones at my local library. They subscribe to over 100 different types ranging from Audubon to Zoology. That way I keep up with many things and save the trees as well. I also use on line E-mags for my reading as well.
I buy Nuts magazine quite often.
New Scientist although saying that I have cancelled my subscription due to having about 40 unread laying around. But I will read them when I can, the best mag out there by far.