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Discussion in 'Art & Culture' started by Tyler, Aug 6, 2002.

  1. Tyler Registered Senior Member

    Okay, I was listening to tunes the other day and I started thinking what the music would be like in a movie made about my life. For each section, here's what I can picture accompanying my movie:

    Opening Scene;
    Ain't That A Kick in the Head - Dean Martin

    Early Scenes;
    That'll Be the Day - Buddy Holly
    The Best is Yet to Come - Frank Sinatra
    Roadhouse Blues - The Doors

    Middle Scenes;
    If I Should Fall From Grace - The Pogues
    Keep Fishing - Weezer
    Old Time Rock and Roll - Bob Seger
    Born on the Bayou - CCR
    King of the Road - Dean Martin
    Mambo Italiana - Dean Martin
    Somebody to Love - Jefferson Airplane
    Feelin' Groovy - Simon and Garfunkel

    Ending Scenes;
    The Pusher - Steppenwolf
    Angie - Rolling Stones
    A Day in the Life - Beatles
    Fool on the Hill - Beatles

    Final Scene;
    I Have but One Heart - Dean Marting

    Closing Credits;
    Buddy Holly - Weezer

    Of course, I imagine any movie about my life would be directed by Quentin Tarantino and Martin Scorsese, star Kevin Spacey, Ed Norton, Robert Deniro and Joe Pesci. Might get a tad expensive - but I'm worth it damn it!

    So what's yours? I tried to use as little Beatles/Stones music as I could, but I had to throw in a couple!
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  3. Thor "Pfft, Rebel scum!" Valued Senior Member


    Opening Scene;
    That music in Platoon

    Early Scenes;
    You Can Always Be Gone - Catie Curtis
    Feel Like A Woman - Shania Twain (Love scene)
    Hotel Calafornia - The Eagles

    Middle Scenes (just after I kill loads of ppl

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    Links 2,3,4 - Rammstein
    Starve - The Rollins Band
    Seek and Destroy - Metallica

    Ending Scenes (just after I accidently drove a 16wheeler into the white house killing the presedent after he launched the nukes at Alaska

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    0 ;
    Celebration - Kool and the Gang

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    Birdie Song, Birdie Dance (just wanted something inappropriote)

    Ending Credits;
    Open Your Heart - Sonic Adventure
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  5. Tiassa Let us not launch the boat ... Valued Senior Member

    Comedy & Art Statement

    Comedy Version

    Opening Credits

    Judy is a Dick Slap - Belle & Sebastian

    Early Scenes

    I Love the Dead - Alice Cooper
    Crocodile Rock - Elton John
    You Are a Treasure - Rheostatics

    Middle Scenes

    Small Dark Movie - Greg Brown
    Excuse Me - Peter Gabriel
    Get Me Away From Here I'm Dying - Belle & Sebastian
    Fallin' off the Edge - The Seeds
    Take Me in Your Hand - Rheostatics
    Timeless Melody - The La's
    Flesh Number One (Beatle Dennis) - Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians
    Great Gig in the Sky - Pink Floyd

    Ending Scenes

    Come on Now Inside - Izzy Stradlin & The JuJu Hounds
    How Much for Your Wings? - The Black Crowes
    Just Get Through This Night - Styx
    Kiss Me Hello - Tommy Shaw

    Final Scene

    Something Fast - Sisters of Mercy

    Closing Credits

    Middle Road - Aziz Ibrahim

    Art Film - 4 Songs

    900 Million People Daily - The Seeds
    25 Tab - Monster Magnet
    Echoes - Pink Floyd
    Guitar Trio - Band of Susans

    • • • • •

    It all depends on how to shoot the film; the above "Comedy" soundtrack is for the lighthearted, two-star, $20m offbeat comedy starring actors from bad television sketch shows.

    More lists later; this could be done with individual bands as well: Belle & Sebastian, Styx, or Floater at first thought. Peter Gabriel, maybe, as well.

    I'll give some thoughts to the "family drama" and the "tragedy" version of the movies; I'll deal with the action film only later if people still care.


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  7. Congrats Bartok Fiend Registered Senior Member

    My film would be a rather obscure work of a paranoid art; somewhat like Lars Von Triesen's Dancer in the Dark. Of course, that means I would assume a role similar to Bjork....and that is a good thing.

    Opening Scene
    Overture- Bjork
    For all the Rats...- Matmos

    Early Scenes
    Working for the Man- PJ Harvey
    Sven- G 'Englar- Sigur Ros
    The Cedar Room- Doves
    Jesus, etc.- Wilco
    Sun in my Mouth- Bjork

    Electioneering- Radiohead
    Bonnie & Clyde '97- Tori Amos
    Second Suite in F- Gustav Holst
    Joga- Bjork
    El Scorcho- Weezer

    Final Scene
    Movement IV- Shostakovich's 4th Symphony

    Ending Credits-
    Nothing's Broken- Celine Dion

    All Glory Told- James Swearingen

    Frosti- Bjork
  8. Xev Registered Senior Member

    /Minor hijack/

    Tiassa, you like Sisters of Mercy? I've never met another fan.


    I played "Vision Thing" to "celebrate" Bush's inaugeration.
  9. %BlueSoulRobot% Copyright! Copyright!! Registered Senior Member

    Opening Scene;
    (Just because I like the song)

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    Aerials - System Of A Down

    Early Scenes;
    ~(Innocence) La Petite Fille de la Mer - Vangelis
    ~(Journey of discovery) Going-To-The-Sun - Philip Aaberg

    Middle Scenes;
    (Happy Beginning) Love Song - Sky
    >(Blissful Ignorance)No Such Thing - John Mayer
    >>(Teenage Years) Where's Your Head At? - Basement Jaxx
    >>(Being a goofball) Original Prankster - Offspring
    >>>(Grief) Brick - Ben Folds Five
    >>>>(Anger) Shimmy - System Of A Down
    >>>>(Turmoil) Awake - Godsmack
    >>>(Doing something with my life) Spybreak! - Propellorheads
    >>(Peace) Light of the World - Tim Hughes
    >>(Active Peace) Holy Moment - Matt Redman & Sonic Flood
    >(Joy) Hey Leonardo (She Likes Me For Me) - Blessid Union of Souls
    (Finding Happiness Again) Love Song - Sky

    Ending Scenes;
    (Self Awareness) The Eyes of Truth - Enigma

    Final Scene;
    (Finding a true calling, and leaving) Fond Farewell - Isle of Avalon

    Closing Credits;
    (Something Invigorating and Catchy) The Energy - Audiovent
  10. Brolly Surivior of third impact Registered Senior Member

    It moogle turn

    opening theme:
    Breath of fire 4 intro theme (it one of my fave music of my life)

    early scenes: (i'm love)
    pure hearts by Rikki
    how can i stop from singing by Enya

    middle scene (being Evil)
    amIevil (Red XIII theme Remix)
    Du Hast by Ramstein

    Thesis of the cruel angel
    Gone til november by wyclef jean

    Suteki da ne by Rikki
    find a way to my heart by Phil Collins


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