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I had such a brilliant idea! My god, I am! What an original thought!


This thread works like my previous one, however the rules are a bit different. Post your--

+Realistic (no chickens and orgasms:p) life hopes and dreams. They can be vague, like make lots of money, have a hot wife, or they can be in detail.

+Plan on how to accomplish these dreams, if you have one.

+What you feel might really happen instead. More or less the wake-up call.

+If you feel that you have already gone through this phase of your life, that there isn't much more to look forward to, post what your original dream was and if you accomplished it, etc.

1--I want to be a writer, and make at least a reasonable living by working at a magazine or a newspaper in New York City. I want to have a cool wife. If I become succesful, I want to live at the top of a skyscraper.

2--I'm writing as often as I can, I plan to send off a story or two to various magazines as early as by the end of February. Hopefully I'll be able to have a constant stream of published stories, at least sooner or later. I plan to take an Honors English class next year, and an AP English class the year after (there are three levels--college, honors, AP), as well as the top social studies classes in my school. I'm confident that I will do well in them.

3--I just don't know for sure what will happen. I cannot really say that my fate will go either way--that I will be insanely succesful, able to pay the bills, or living in a dumpster. The possibilities are all equal in my mind.

And you?:)