Your Last Words

ben nevis

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What what would be your final words on your death-bed? Would you leave with a whimper or would you do an Arnie and proclaim, "I'll be back".
my friend always wanted to with his last dying breathe write I GOT OUT in his own blood. that sounds like a good option.
my dying words be "damn i was sexy...and i hope god forgives arrogance because here i come big guy".....


"Well here comes your worst friend...hope you exist because i wanna meet ya"
Me laying on my deathbed, all of my friends and family surrounding me:

"Eli, I....*cough, hack* l-l*cough* I love you. You were so weird and the best guy friend in the world and I even thought you were pretty hot when you were on my doorstep that one day *hack*

"Nicole.....*gag, cough* You were so fun to hang out with, and I loved gossiping with you about Eli and Mark *gasp*

"Jacob, you were a great guy....*struggle* and an even better friend. WE never did get to see anger managment together....*cough*

"mom were very....pretective. Bye, I love you."

"David.....I didn't really know you, but that's okay. Cuz even while we hung out together you never wronged me, and were always a sweet well-mannered *sputter and cough* guy.

"Oh god, why hast thou forsaken thee!!! I wanted to make love with B.E.N.!!!!! WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!??????????"

Thankyou, that's what I would say. *grin*
My last words are likely to be my own or Edgar Allan Poe's...

Mine: We are all imposters in an inconceivable ruse.

Poe's: The sickness-the nausea-
The pitiless pain-
Have ceased, with the fever
That maddened my brain-
With the fever called "Living"
That burned in my brain.

Or maybe I'll mutter something about a Conqueror Worm.
I would use someone else words for my friends :
"Do not take life too seriously. You will never get out of it alive." Elbert Hubbard
Courtesy of George Carlin (paraphrased):

"When you die, I think they should give you a 2-minute warning. That way, you can get up and tell people how much you love them and appreciate all the stuff they've done for you. And just before your time runs out, you can end it with, 'And if I'm wrong, may God strike me dead!'"