your last words and method of dying

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Then, at the last minute, a heroic vampire would come, slash his wrists, and offer me the gift of immortality. With willing lips I would drink this damned blood.

Now that sounds cool. Can I join you? I'd love to be undead! :D
Anyway I can achieve imortality. Being a vampire is one of the best ways I can imagine.

I join thee, let's share the darkness and the reflection of the silvery moon in our eyes
grand exits

I would like to slip away in an opiate trance,administered by a close friend. In one those big ceramic bathtubs filled with hot water,oils, lamplight,dark slow music.. like portishead,silence...... that would be ideal. I died last year. almost a year ago,july 3rd. No fire, welcoming party, just a cool comfortable silece that probably could have went on forever. Death could be a different, personal expierience for everyone but as far as I can tell there's nothing to look forward and nothing to fear.

To die falling from a great height as the result of a practical experiment in probability.
I would utter the last words:

Oh no.

Not again!
Hmmm An origional mortal coil shuffling...
Lemme see. I would have my feet nailed to the roof of the houses of parliament. And a noose tied around my neck with the other hand tied to the minute hand of the clock.

The rope would be exactly the correct length to snuff out my life as Big Ben (Boy was I pissed when I found out it was a bell :bugeye: ) strikes midnight on new years.

I would of course be very drunk:D:D

Killed at the sword of a worthy oppenent after killing at least five and protecting something. My last words would be that I love Lily, and I'd want my tombstone to have a smily face on it and the incription: HAVE A NICE DAY
yeah....I quite like the idea of the ol' Grand Spectacular.

I might actually revise my fall preferance- I'm figuring a brain Tumor'd be ok, I'd know how long I've got, meaning.....

I run naked through London! steal some Jam Doughnuts! Find a Megawatt speaker and blast out the crappest song I can think of to the gathering hoards! Randomly shoot people with a nerf foam blaster! etc. etc. great!

thats a guaranteed death with a smile on my face.
Riding the back trails of MOWAB, as I pass under a great cliff...

The Roadrunner passes by at lighning speed, followed closely by Wylie Coyote, strapped to A pair of Acme Rocket Skates. About 10 yards from me, Wylie loses control & burns through me with a cataclysmic explosion. After that happens, who cares, I'm dead & two cartoon character's have come to life!:D

The world will then be a better place!
While running through the white house in my kung fu stealth suit, i would assasinate the president as he lay in bed eating pretzels, I would then begin a die hard esque hit and run mission on the secret service, finally after i had killed about 305 agents they would get me into custody because i would pause for a nap. as i slept they would cuff me. Then being tried in court and asked about what terrorist cell that i worked for, I would respond "if you strike me down now, I will become more powerful than you can ever imagine." and then i would pull a secret sword out of my spinal colum and begin anew my rampage, they would shot after i killed about 305 more but my body would dissapear and my clothes wold incinerate.

that would be awesome...
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Or perhaps 'Please come again' ...?;)
I would like to slip away in an opiate trance,administered by a close friend. In one those big ceramic bathtubs filled with hot water,oils, lamplight,dark slow music.. like portishead,silence...... that would be ideal.
yes, that would dub. remind me to call you if i ever need to die on short notice.

otherwise, if i were in a humorous mood, i think id have sex with every possible stranger on the street, contract as many stds as possible, then shoot myself with a self-proclaimed necrophiliac and laugh as he fucks the shit out of my warm body and contracts syphilis/gonorrhea/crabs/aids . . . rather cheerful view from heaven dont you think? :)
Some are even borrowed phrases

The thing is that I intend to die in some manner mildly poetic. Doesn't have to be noble, but ... well--

• War: One of the nice things about being American is that we have to blow it out our asses in order for things to get really really bad in this country. If comes the real and legitimate Revolution, that fatal convulsion, I am obliged to support it. But I highly doubt that a half-billion Chinese are invading, and, frankly, since a hijacked 757 is a poor man's F-16, if that's the way it goes, that's the way it goes; I do, after all, live in Seattle and CNN just reminded the whole freaking world of how easy it is to kill the lot of us up here. If I die in the revolution, I would probably say, quite simply, "It is accomplished". If I die in a terrorist attack, I'd probably look at the dying guy nearest me and say, "Well, what did you expect?" But if it has to be that way, I hope to go in a nuclear explosion, provided that I have at least the time to witness it and say, "That is so f--king cool," as my eyes melt and the shockwave pounds the dust of my being to nothingness. (Really, how many times will you get to witness a cataclysm equivalent to starbirth at its core?)

• Sex/drugs: I tend to regard heroin as a disease in and of itself, but I must admit that I call opium resin the most dangerous drug I know for a reason. It has an attraction. It's part of the reason I find coke addicts pathetic. Having used cocaine, I cannot see how people become addicted to it. I mean, I suppose I can, but you are confessing yourself suicidal by becoming addicted to cocaine. So if drugs kill me, it will either be an accidental opium-resin overdose (or possibly morphine pills), or else I'll be high enough on something else to do lines of cocaine off the body parts of college cheerleaders while at the height of my fame and fortune, and my heart will explode mid-orgasm and my dying convulsions will become immortalized on the internet via secret camera as the bevy of doped-up girls, failing to understand exactly what is taking place, stun the world with the quality and magnitude of their orgasms. I mean, what better testament than to say, "In dying, he sent two (or three or four or ... but I get ridiculous, do I not ...) angels to heaven and beyond"? In the case of an opium-related death, I will probably last be witnessed alive nearly asleep, smiling to myself, and whispering to myself, "Motherf---ers, motherf---ers, motherf---ers ...." In the case of the cocaine-heart-exploding-world-record-orgasms, I would hope to be unable to say anything at all to spoil such a moment. But if my brain fired off randomly, I would hope to say, "You're just jealous, Moe."

It's a joke about a friend of mine. And he would be, too.

But if I somehow have the mundane death with a wife at the bedside, I'd look her in the eye and say, "See? I told you you'd never leave me be."

And if Moe was there to hear me say that to her, he'd laugh his ass off because it's what he fears.

Although it is most likely that I will be shot to death by the police for no apparent reason. And then someone will say that I had a gun, and then my whole lifetime's worth of friends will come forward and remind everyone of how much I despise firearms. And then someone will say, "It was a knife, then." And people will remember that I used to carry knives. And my friends will say, "Where's the knife?" and it will never be found, but the officer who shot me to death will file a lawsuit against my estate because of job stress, and take away my child's inheritance, whereupon my child will shoot the officer and his family to death in one of the bloodiest executions in Thanksgiving-day history, and that will be my last word.

They'll find part of Timmy in the garbage disposal; and remember kids, it's all because of marijuana.

Tiassa :cool:
Dying would have to be done whilst extremely high, with three beautiful women pleasuring you(obviously this would require a little lead still left in the pencil :bugeye: ) until a smiling reaper taps you on the shoulder to exit stage left.

The words on my tombstone would be:

Any good that I may do, let me do it now, for I may not pass this way again.
Inspired by tiassa's post, some creative ways to die:

-While taking a crap on a public toilet in a city, you are suddenly siezed by a giant infamous sewer lobser and pulled down the little toilet hole (along with your fecal matter) where the giant hive and hive-mind of the sewer lobsters devour you and take you apart and smother you with butter.

-You come home from a hard day's work to find your girlfriend sleeping with another woman who happens to be a transexual. So you walk out in hysterics and get your toe run over by a guy on a bycicle. Then from out of the sky a meteor falls and cleanly removes your head. The morning headline reads "Local has really bad luck--and dies!"

-You're drafted for a war, but by the time it's over and your side has won you're firebombed by people on your own side who have miscalculated their coordinates by twenty or thiry degrees. You survive but while in the hospital you eat some bad food and die.
Pollux, you are quite the character.

I would like to die for someone else. Jumping in front of a moving train would be entirely generic, but something of that calaber would suffice.

Lindsey, thats such a nice way of dying. How sweet. Hey, have any of you seen Minority Report? Well, in that movie, at least in the beginning, there hasn't been a murder in the district of columbia for like 6 years. That is good. I think that the world without reckless muder is far to utopian though, which made that a little far out. Even though there was a little threesome of Brain children. I don't know how I am gonna die, but I know I don't eat me, so that will hopefully prevent me from dying like the majority of Americans. Thats All I have to say about that.

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