Your immune system could be controlling your behavior

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We all like to think of ourselves as totally unique, independent individuals, in charge of our own destinies. But new research has found evidence that our behavior, and maybe even our personalities, could be influenced by something totally unexpected - our immune systems.
Researchers have shown that by switching off just one immune molecule in mice, they can change the way the animals behave and interact with each other - which suggests the immune system may play a role in conditions such as autism-spectrum disorder or schizophrenia.
However, this is early research that's only been conducted in rodents for now. But the researchers from the University of Virginia School of Medicine were able to clearly show that by simply changing the way the immune system responds to pathogens, they could trigger antisocial behavior in mice.
Restoring the molecule returned the mouse personalities to normal.
The body is an integrated system. If you perturb any aspect of the control system, there is a ripple affect. When people feel sick, they want to be left alone so they can rest and recover. This is why companies have sick days. It is funny how modern life science has to do a study to rediscover common sense. Where have they been? I am sure they have sick days.

Relearning common sense may have to do with too much blind man's prophesy; statistics. Statistics is a tool, that does not require thinking until the oracle speaks. This prosthesis tool may be atrophying common sense, which could be a useful study.