your favourite music video which is art by itself

Discussion in 'Art & Culture' started by Avatar, Sep 8, 2002.

  1. Fathoms Banned Banned

    Violar Vell Till Loftorassa- Sigur Ros
    Pyramid Song-Radiohead
    Tonight Tonight-Smashing Pumpkins
    Do The Evolution-Pearl Jam
    Sister Awake-Tea Party
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  3. Shadowstrife911 Hail the Shredder! Registered Senior Member

    SONNE BY RAMMSTEIN! - A new take on Snow White and those damned Dwarves...
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  5. Avatar smoking revolver Valued Senior Member

    haha we've both mentioned Sonne, but I have made up my mind that

    Bjork - All Is Full Of Love is the most perfect video I've ever seen
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  7. YoungWriter Audiophile Registered Senior Member


    Jeremy by Pearl Jam as already explained.

    Testify by Rage Against The Machine shows the flaws of the 2 party system.

    Broadway by the Goo Goo Dolls shows how plastered most of the music biz is.
  8. grazzhoppa yawwn Valued Senior Member


    Is your post going to explode?

    Welcome, YoungWriter!

    Post well, post often........
  9. fast-eddie Banned Banned

    The Greatest Music Video Ever Made

    is too great to even mention on this thread. read my mind


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  10. Walker Hard Work! Registered Senior Member

    Atmosphere by Joy Division.

    Really, most Bjork videos fall into this category. They also happen to be pretty neat.

    It's not art, but have you ever seen the video for The Lovecats by the Cure? Best video ever. I also really like that one by the White Stripes with Legos.
  11. Hellspawn666 Registered Senior Member

    Gotta be Tool... So much crazy crap going on its gotta be art.

    Do The Evolution is good too (pearl jam). Only because its Mcfarlane though.
  12. airdog prehensile Registered Senior Member

    Tool's videos are always among the best.
    I submit "Road to Nowhere" by the Talking Heads and the Tony Bennett video with Barbra Streisand being eaten alive by a manic parakeet (I forget the title.)
  13. NightFall Lazy Hedonist Valued Senior Member

    i watch music channels very seldom.. so i really dont have one to add here... but i do have a qestion for those of you experts on the subject....

    a long itme ago..... probably... 5 years we'll guess. i head a song.. and i wanted to write the name of it down, but i was sick, and was too fevered to get up to get a peice of paper.. but it was the greatest song.. or so i remember.. i dont remember ANY of the words or sounds or anything.. but i do know the video...

    there was a girl (female singer) looked american, but not highly famous, (obviously could've been british,austrailian, swedish.. ETC) she was in an old empty house... i think furnature in the house moved on its own.. she was laying upside-down hanging off the couch, and oh.. i think she had strawberry blond-ish hair... but thats not a for sure. it was autumn outside.. it was like she was in an empt grey-ish cabin in the woods, and there were falling leaves everywhere. some spots, were the oldstyle slow motion type shots of her walking into the house and such... and it was a more vocal song.

    if this strikes the littlest memory in any of you, please let me know so i can try to find it.
  14. NightFall Lazy Hedonist Valued Senior Member

    oh yeah.. thats a goodie.
  15. reformedtopunk got punk? Registered Senior Member

    "when worlds collide" by powerman5000. maybe not the best song ever, but i thought the video was rad. "fell in love with a girl" by the white stripes too.
  16. FatherOleg Registered Member

    Timber by ColdCut oh and the Tool one with the little clay people with all mouth and no eyes who bite the big guys face and just hang there.
  17. huxley Registered Member

    the amazing Mr Bickford :Frank Zappa (not quite sure it qualifys as it's not really a video to one paticular song)
  18. Captain_Crunch Club Ninja Valued Senior Member

    Weezer - Buddy Holly video by Spike Jonze. For anybody that is not sure if they have seen it before, its on the Happy Days set.
    I dont know about it being art, but it is a damned good video.
    Rage Against The Machine - Renegades of Funk and Sleep now in the fire are very good politically messaged music videos, in that way; they are art.
  19. %BlueSoulRobot% Copyright! Copyright!! Registered Senior Member

    (Great title, Capt. Crunch.)

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    Dead Leaves on the Dirty Ground - The White Stripes!

    Hate the song, love the video! I like the whole "ghost/3D shadow" theme. Very creepy, but it's worth a look.

    Pts. Of. Athrty. - Linkin Park (or however the heck you spell it.)

    It's almost a miniature movie! Chock-full of zoids, awesome animation (especially of the decapitated heads), and kick ass fighting action.

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    Immortal - Adema

    I just like the Mortal Kombat shots.

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  20. Xev Registered Senior Member

    Type O Negative: Love you to death
    Type O Negative: Christian Woman (uncensored version)

    Okay, I am just a pig who thinks the lead singer is really, really, really fucking hot.

    Tool - Parabola
    Tool - Prison Sex

    Really, most anything by Tool. Is there a music video for "Opiate"?

    Enigma - Firefly
  21. Frieda Registered Senior Member

    wow can't believe no one has mentioned these Daft Punk video clips yet.. it's some kind of anime story!
    1. One More Time
    2. Aerodynamic
    3. Digital Love
    4. Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

    Then there's Around The World by Daft Punk, also a very cool clip!

    Fatboy Slim:
    1. Praise You: dude & his dance group dance ridiculously in public 2. Weapon Of Choice: famous actor (though not famous enough to remember his name

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    )dances in empty hotel

    George Michael: Freeek, Shoot the Dog, Too Funky..

    edit: typos
  22. FatherOleg Registered Member

    Christopher Walken
  23. Frieda Registered Senior Member

    yes YES him! lol! i love that clip!

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