Your favourite childhood fantasy movie


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Mine are

Ronia the Robber's Daughter


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I see I inspired you to make this thread.

I'm gonna say Masters of the Universe
Yes- Vikings is a great movie, but I saw it only in ~1995

I prefer the book- Ivanhoe




yup master of the universe
Clash of the Titans( cheessy, still love it)
Conan the barbarian( Ahnold at his best)
Excalibur( excellent flick to this day)
The Neverending Story! That was the defining point in my childhood fantasy movement. :D

But besides that, there's not much, because I was reality-based as a kid. I'd rather play War and Wood Tag then imagine stuff. :)
never seen any of the masters series :(:p

btw- that upper picture took me ages to download - even with a dsl
hey i didn't know they did a movie on he-man.. thought it was a cartoon!

~by the power of Greyskull!~

He-Man and the Mighty Battle Cat.. OMG.. it's all coming back :eek:
Masters of the Universe is an old film. 80's I think. it had Courtney Cox in it, she looks very young
I do have this film. Its a classic. Dolph Lungdrens best film ever
Yup Thor. Courtney Cox is in there i read the poster
and I have strong eyes. :D
I do know Courtney Cox is in it, hense me saying It has Courtney Cox in it
Omigod! You guys are terrible!!

Anyone remember... The Dark Crystal???

Best movie ever!:D