Your favorte restaurant?


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Sorry I think this thread already exist but I did a search and couldn't find it.

I just got back from outback steak house. The steaks there is sooooooo good. It is very large and tasty. It has to be one of my favorte restaurant. There is just no way that is Australian.

I am also searching for a decent Mongolian restaurant anywhere but no luck so far. My favorite restaurant of all time is a Mongolian restaurant in Taiwan which I went to a few years ago. I went to one last week in Minneapolis, but it wasn't that good at all. The stupid thing is that all the chefs are Mexicans :rolleyes: (fricken cheap labor)
Theres a good Mongolian restaurant near where I am, its called Rickshaws I believe.
There used to be a restaurant a ways from home. You crossed a one lane bridge to get to it. The guy that owned the restaurant also owned a fishing fleet. You could order what ever seafood and then stroll the pier, which was lit at night, while your food was prepared. You always got a "bakers dozen". It was an acclaimed restaurant though I forget how many stars it was rated. The food was really good. For an out of the way place it seemed always near full and most were not locals.
I love Thai food and there is a little place here in town that I always seem to crave. I don't know if they put something in the food that makes my mouth water every time I think about it, but I find myself going there regularly.
Samrat Of India, in Stockholm. Fantastic food, drooling delicious. My favourite dish there is Palak paner. First you get salad with mint dressing, then you get the rice with red hot sauce with spinache ( don't know the correct spelling) and fresh cheese that they make themselves. Aaahhh...I can feel the taste in my mouth. And in the background they have a tv, showing only indian music videos and commercials.
I know this sounds like an oxymoron, but have you ever tried ethiopian food?

It's fun (eat with your fingers) and very spicy, not for the faint of tongue.
A chinese place near my school, run by immigrants and it's great stuff. I just love the sweet&sour chicken, i eat it whenever i can.
Craw Daddy's

It is a local place here in the city I live in Florida.

It is not totally a "cultural" restaraunt as much as it is in having a theme behind it.

It is located directly on the river (literally, on the back part opposite to the parking lot, the river is about 20 feet from it - the boardwalk is about 10 feet from it). The place is designed with wood that looks old and aged. They have a water wheel and antique shack outside (along with different yard instruments commonly used hundreds of years ago).

Birds frequent the whole area. Inside they have classical looking paintings (not original Mona Lisa's no, obviously no place has the money for those, but they look original :) ) They have a fire place at the check in area. The interior is designed to look like an old ship used by pirates. They have wood carvings, rope, and things.

I believe it is 2 or 3 stories high and also has a "basement" area (not a basement, but a place for food or entertainment I think where the stairs go down instead of up).

If you haven't guess it by now, it is primarily meant to be a seafood like place - however they have many different dishes there (which makes it good to get a steak or something if you don't like seafood). They also carry old wine and things.

And strangely enough the bill isn't insanely high as some place like eating in the restaruant at the bottom of the Plaza hotel. So you are able to get some great quality without spending too much money.
El Tapatio!

A local restauraunt that has been around for longer than I have. MMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!

Oh yeah, its Mexican!
Doyle's in Sydney is quite good, I used to live right by it. Rather famous place for seafood.

In fast/junk food, I like Subway. A fresh roll with salad and maybe some chicken or ham. Very healthy.

Travel? I had some very nice venison on a Qantas airliner from Los Anglese to Melbourne once.

Strange as it is, I think the most satisfying meal I've ever had wsa after hiking through the hills and bush for a day on a navy training camp. I was utterly exhausted, and we didn't have much for food or cooking equipment. I put in my little cooking pan over the fire some spam, rice, and baked beans, all mixed together. Sounds icky, but that was one fantastic meal.
some spam, rice, and baked beans, all mixed together.

Umm, excuse me? I thought you were the guy that was Anti-Spam, seeing how I always recommended it as college food and you would say "No way, I wont touch Spam!"

Pretty darm good, huh?
I so hate spam! I was just saying that even as crapulent as spam is, it was great when I was exhausted and starving. Camp food rocks.

PS: I doubt crapulent is a real word, but I love using it anyway. Crapulent, crapulence, et cetera... :D
All spam products are 100% owned and produced by Hell, and the ingredients can't even be described in English. But that one day, it rocked.
Dude, your dillusional... Spam is this: Ham, water and salt.
Err... was I totally taken advantage of in my youth by misinforming adults?

P.S. - Its reallllllllllll good fried up and served over white rice:D
Gonna check the ingredients of spam at the supermarket later... Not that I don't trust you, it's just... well, I don't trust you. :p