Your favorite thing about your country


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Give the country you live in and your favorite and least favorite thing about that country. I'll start.

Favorite: Economic success
Least favorite: Alienation of the west
Favourite--the breathtaking beauty................Least favourite-english incomers telling us what life in scotland is all about.

Favorite - Beautiful place, family, weather.
Least favorite - everything else.
favorite: tie between the diverse natural places and nyc
least favorite: tie between the people and the government
favorite: where else can you hear like 6 differnt languages being spoken on the street. (no need to answer that)
least fav: taking over the world complex

(note: my opinions of the US vary by where exactly you are talking about. i.e. don't get me started on the south)

most favorite: better living conditions than most places in the world.
least favorite: in the words of Pink Floyd: " the machine"

fav. thing-- the people and the country.

least fav-- terribly inefficient and corrupt beauracracy.

fav.: nature, hockey, 1/4 of people
least fav.: 3/4 of people and russian imigrants
the Netherlands

favorite: Amsterdam.
least favorite: bureaucracy.
The United States of America

It still has enough open space to get completely away
from all the a**holes ... Some of them quite beautiful
(the open spaces, that is).