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ive already been severely repremanded for making comments about you so ill refrain from making any ad homs against you

(couldn't resist)
"It has a sense of humour, is serious but goofy...."

Mmmmmm, let me see now. You're asking weather its okay to rape a girl if she's unconscious and you're wondering why the thread got cessed? It's a fair question. And a toughy too. Quite why the thing wasn't deleted immediately, frankly, is beyond my means to fathom.

Does some one really have to explain this to you, sderenzi?
That one, no. It's light, frothy, I though it was pretty funny - but by the same token, it is disposable, it's not like it can't still be responded to - it's just been shoved off to one side. I've had posts cessed m'self you know, well, just the one but it was about fannies and I think the cess pool is where it belongs.

If you were arguing a case her for opening up the Cesspool thereby allowing members to post silly, frivolous, fatuous stuff in a particular part of the forum where it wouldn't have to be moved in the first place - you might be on to something.

But for the love of kippers man, date-rape. Not comedy. Not even close to being funny. More monstrous, actually.

Now, say instead you'd have couched the question: Say if you found an unconscious baby seal, do you think it'd be alright to fuck it? It's going to end up in the cesspool, obviously, but at least no one can seriously think you're being in anyway serious about the matter.

Date-Rape is just too doable, it relates to real life and happens alarmingly too often to be taken as just whimsy. That... That deserves burning.

Change the tack of your argument to asking the forum weather or not a proper outlet where utter nonsense and profanity posting can be catered for: this way you'd get some degree of debate out of the argument and members have an actual subject worth discussing.

This is why stuff gets cessed in the first place - but since we all, from time to time indulge in wanting to produce the stuff and someone has to come along and clean the place out - wouldn't it be best to just provide a venue where it can be tolerated, specifically, and therefore remove an possibly excuse for posting such fare else where.

Give it a whizz, at least as a topic it won't be turfed....