Your favorite forum-styles


Has anyone else ever been to a board that uses EzBoards (or a name similar to that)? I hate the way it is set up. Active topics are at the top with an outline of every post made in the thread. It bumps down every other thread and it is just a huge mess.

I like the vBulliten way. All of the topics can be found rather easily. But those damn announcements annoy me. I've also been to a board run by the less known SnitzForums, and it was great, as well.

Who powers your favorite forums?
vB is so common, sometimes it's good to see a change. As long as it's fairly easy to navigate, I like it. The posts have to be set out likevB or ezboard, otherwise I totally can't navigate. :confused:
I have to say that I like the vBulliten format most. It is easy to get around in and it does not have a huge learning curve just to do basic funtions.