Your Favorite Female Bodypart

IN GENERAL, which of these body parts on a woman are you the most turned-on by?

  • Her breasts

    Votes: 9 33.3%
  • Her butt

    Votes: 10 37.0%
  • Her legs

    Votes: 3 11.1%
  • Her feet

    Votes: 2 7.4%
  • I'm not sexually attracted to women

    Votes: 3 11.1%

  • Total voters
I read somewhere that a lady spent a whole day making lists, but then didn't do anything she had set out to do.

Ah, a warning! But I need money now, for I want a digital camera, and they are expensive, and require a good supply of funds. One of my friends just burned me ~2000$ worth of video editing software, so as soon as I get it I'm gonna start 'rocking.'

It's just a hobby, though, no future in it for me. I will make blockbuster movies if I get filthy rich but that is unlikely.
I would have said brain, but it seems everyone has already kind of mentioned that it got missed out of the topic, as for the rest of the thread??? Well it's a bit Taboo, to tell you the truth just putting the brain is no good, Kind just have a single piece that you find attractive as usually it's the whole person.

Especially when the Ladies Radiant with an air and glow about her that just captivates a mans heart... (I'm going to go hide up again lol)
"My point was merely to be funny, but as always, I failed, sorry"

Talking about how frequently men are single-minded is something that a lot of women say seriously. So, my bad!
Originally posted by Bebelina
but obviously it was only funny in my twisted part of the universe. Why do I always fail at that? Always when I try to say something funny, poeple think I'm being serious and get offended...why? Should I include MORE smilies??? :eek:

Maybe if you put (j/k) at the end of your post, to let people know that you were just joking. From what i've noticed, sometimes adding a smiley face to your message will give the impression that you're just joking around in an attempt to be funny, and other times it can come across as being a smartass and people take it more seriously. And some people who use a smiley face with the vast majority of their messages lose some of the effectiveness of when they do use it to try and imply something like that they're just joking, because people are already so used to seeing it in their messages.

Or... if you're willing to spend some money for postage and handing, you could send us all some free oral sex -- most people i think would be a lot more tolerant towards you after that. :D You are Swedish, right?? I don't know what the others on here have heard about Swedes, but... ;)
GOD you have all fogoten HAIR

I would do ANYTHING for a girl with red hair (like TI:D)

and brain

as xev said
i can't STAND air heads
Okay, here's much of why i posted this poll. I wanted to give people a chance to answer the poll without having my reason possibly affect their selection.

It's been many years since i watched it, but as i recall, in the movie CRUMB

when R. Crumb is at something of a party, he's talking about how much he absolutely loves womens feet. And this young woman (who appears to not like him) tells him something about how it's been said that you can tell how a man sees himself in relation to women by which of the female body parts he's sexually attracted to the most in general -- the breasts, ass, legs, or feet -- the higher up on the body it is, the more the man esteems himself in relation to women. So, someone who sexually gets off the most on a woman's feet would tend to see themselves in a very lowly kind of way when it comes to women. And with R. Crumb, i could see how this was true.

If there is some truth to this, whether it applies to women who are attracted to other women, i don't know.

I want to mark the first two...
Why didn't you put multiple choice... :(

It's hard to choose between the breasts and the butt... :p:D:D

Now... seriously...
I Love the eyes... :)
The simile... :)
And the hands... :)
And the feet... :)
I Love it all! :D:D
you do realise that dosn't work

i have a VERY low opinion of myself with girls yet the most atractive features are face and hair, can't get much higher than that

Avatar: You trying to get me in trouble with TWO girls?
Originally posted by Asguard
you do realise that dosn't work

i have a VERY low opinion of myself with girls yet the most atractive features are face and hair, can't get much higher than that

You do realize that i didn't include face and hair, yes? I figure the majority of guys would pick those -- after all, where do you look at when you communicate with a woman most of the time? So, it's based on the body parts lower than the head.

*shrug* Doesn't really matter to me though, i just found it a kinda interesting idea.
I chose butt, but it's more the hips. I love a good set of hips, birth'n hips!! When I see them I ... "EDITED FOR CONTENT!" .

Of course this all depends what I'm looking for. If I'm in a lustfull mode I look for the hips and forget about the mind, but if I am after some one I may want to spend more then 30 - 60 min with , the brain / mind is the choice. A smart women is one thing, but a stable women is even better. This is why I thew in the / mind!
Originally posted by Adam
There is an incredibly beautiful girl here at the university dorms. Excellent face, body, hair, everything. But recently I heard her talking to someone. She was saying how she had cheated on her boyfriend, and wasn't going to tell him because she couldn't be bothered dealing with him being upset. That's when she became no longer beautiful to me.

So, to me, honour and integrity are very beauitful traits in a woman. A nicy body and face helps, but they are nothing without honour and integrity.

Go Girl!! FREEDOM!!!!

oh Adam... you are SO conditioned.... :)
Squid Vicious

I don't give a damn about feminism. Most feminist chicks I know are incredibly stupid and rude. I like honesty and integrity in all people, not just women. I have dated beautiful women and not-so-beautiful women, and I prefer the ones with strength of character and a bit of decency.

Squid, if some annoyingly pathetic political lobby group said murder was bad, would you say murder is good just because they say it is bad? Or would you actually have your own opinion on the matter? My preference for honour and integrity has nothing to do with the beliefs of feminists.
i agree

and add


girls are ALWAYS shown as loyal

Its usully sugested that GUYS take advatage not the girls

In really life i have seen a LOT of girls doing the cheating

could be because i asocate MAINLY with guys so its guys that i see cheated on

there are some really mean people around and i am glade to have found a girl who IS loyal AND intellegent
Originally posted by Squid Vicious

Go Girl!! FREEDOM!!!!

oh Adam... you are SO conditioned.... :)

I disagree, and would say it's lack of honesty and integrity instead, as Adam said. Freedom in those terms would be to agree with the guy to be in an open / non-monogomous relationship to begin with, in my humble opinion.

Adam doesn't sound like the conditioned one to me... :rolleyes:
I don't give a damn about feminism. Most feminist chicks I know are incredibly stupid and rude.

Yeah, well fuck you you stupid wanker! :p

Umm, what in the name of the Great Gretzkyson and his prophet, Dominic Hasek, has any of this to do with feminism?

Femininists are just like any other crusaders. Tunnel vision. I've never met a card-carrying feminist who wasn't a dumb-arse crusader. Maybe smart ones exist, but I've never met one.
All of it is pretty good. I can't decide. Hmm, I would say all of her...I want to taste the whole menu.