your favorite building

draqon said:
so that picture represents your favorite building? ...

And...what city is this? St. Petersburgh?...the cars do look russian...but its not Voronezh...nor is it Moscow...

And...and I dont live in Russia now...I live in Michigan, USA.

its the old kgb building you buffoon
He must have been a good little Party Comrade when he lived there, so he never saw "room 101"...

Overall, I'm always impressed with the size of structures
Two structures fitting into that category would be Stonehenge and Maiden Castle in Dorset, respectively:

Yeah, speaking of size of structures, Hagia Sophia is simply amazing. I believe its the largest enclosed space in the world, and its over 500 years old. I wish religions still put enough money toward creating incredible buildings that things like this were being built today.
my favorite building hmmmph

a haunted house in bucks county would do great...

why do you wanna know anyways?
charles cure said:
the burj al arab hotel in Dubai
Hey, have you seen that picture where they played tennis on the top of that building? It's amazing. The building itself is amazing.
Yeah, it seems familiar that it took over the title when it was built. Still, its amazing that a building that old was built so large and so well.

I'm an Architecture student, so I just thought I'd bring up a topic of conversation I found really interesting
Gadren said:
I haven't looked at enough buildings to confidently say what my favorite building is, but recently I've been impressed with the design of Soviet architecture:


there was no such building in soviet union/russia. This is part of american propaganda of cold war, trying to make it seem like Lenin was like a GOD, sort of like prioritizing the evil that hovered like cloud on top of the country.
I would choose something like in the first post a building with lots of light...
the hotel looks cool too..