Your Faviorite websites


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I have a usual routine when I get on the internet. I go to my usual list of websites and get the usual type of information. I was interested in finding out about some new websites to alter my web browsing routine and maybe add some new ones to my list. Post some of your faviorite websites so that we all can come across some websites that we may of never thought of going to.
Yes, Plazma told me he likes it, very much. I don't think you'll ever be able to access the Dull Men's Club, which is a shame. There are some very nice pictures of bus shelters.
train wrecks do not upset me because they are an act of God. And it is not good to question God or his mysterious ways to try to get us killed.
spuriousmonkey said:
Without graffiti I hope. I always get very upset when I see vandalism.
Me too. The site is guaranteed graffiti-free.

Here's a review by an interesting person:

Nothing exciting here. Really. Just dull, dull men who enjoy “safe” activities like watching grass grow--on the computer--and researching the history of toothpicks. One dull man set out to study airport luggage carousels. He compiled data from 376 airports based on rotation direction, etc. “The excitement I feel the moment I spot my bag is overwhelming,” he writes. “I never tire of it.” I bet! Oops--exclamation points are a little too crazy for these guys. They’re “born to be mild.” I’m not allowed to join the club (I am, after all, a woman, and by definition too exciting), but thankfully the site isn’t password-protected. Surprising, though, because memorizing passwords seems like a pretty dull-friendly activity. So, the next time you find yourself watching paint dry or batteries charge, log on instead for a list of “approved Web sites,” cool collections (think airsickness bags and hymnals) and all sorts of unstimulating news.

that's not dull.