Your execution

See my first post below for the poll question.

  • Electric chair

    Votes: 2 3.3%
  • Hanging

    Votes: 1 1.6%
  • Gassed with cyanide

    Votes: 2 3.3%
  • Lethal injection

    Votes: 30 49.2%
  • Firing squad

    Votes: 26 42.6%

  • Total voters


Golden Sparkler
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If you were going to be executed because of the death penalty for having killed someone, given these choices, how would you want to die?
There are so many ways to be killed, dude! I didn't choose any of the above, because I heard that if I'm killed by guiolltine, I can see my own dead body on the other side of the blade for a couple of seconds before my brain dies. Plus, your systems lose immediate control of whatever function they were performing before, so I plan to drink lots of water beforehand. If I'm to be killed, I might as well do it at the expense of my executors. :D
Damn I wish I'd thought of that!!

Maybe I'll go with death from too much sex???
Firing squad. I'd prefer to stand up and face whoever is to kill me and die with dignity.
Originally posted by Thor
Damn I wish I'd thought of that!!

Maybe I'll go with death from too much sex???

I heard that dying from oversex-ation (don't think that's a word, but oh well) is very very painful. :eek:

Sarge: Sounds a bit like George Costanza's sex-and-food-and-television theory. :D
Something that causes serious immediate brain damage. So, provided they aim right, I'd pick the firing squad.
Firing squads aim for the heart, in America at least. And sometimes they miss.
so,....Lykan, haven't told us what you're going to do with the advice we gave you??

usefull? has it helped you to make up your mind?
oh BTW: have you really KILLED a man? maby you should vistit THIS thread and share with us your experiences!! :D
lethal injection man...... quick and painless. though if i was going to be executed i would prefer to just jump off a really high cliff. the ride before i die would be amazing.
I'd like to be drowned. Supposedly you get to see some pretty crazy sh*t long after you've inhaled the water. My teacher told me his grandmother, who was rescued from drowning was angry that she was in fact rescued because she was having such an awesome time underwater. No pain and an acid trip. I'm guessing that you also lose the fear of death, you know, the one anchor we have to this life...
A firing squad definitely. Then I'd ask for a last cigarette and while the guard is reaching out to light it for me, I ninja the heck out of him. Then I would James Bond the rest of the guards, find a Porsche conviently parked outside the prison, and drive off lauging while I drink champagne with some french model chick and then I die by accidently driving off a cliff.
Sorry, but for those who think lethal injection is "quick & easy" just because the individual cannot react to the toxin, does not mean they are not without pain. The brain is still able to recognize the impending doom. Think D.O. without muscular spazms. Ouch. Just put a bullet in me, I'll cough up the quarter.
Old Age

Give me a choice and I'll choose old age.

This string reminds me of what happened in Texas. The blue noses went to court and got a temporary stop order on execution by "Lethal Injection".

Care to know the legal basis?

"The injection had not passed the Federal law requiring it to be proven safe by the FDA."

If they're serious about "humane" executions...

Why don't they do the same thing that vets do to terminally ill pets?

They give them an overdose of a general anesthetic. The last thing they feel is the most complete comfort they've had in months.
Come on FraggleRocker, the rest of us pay a fortune for that feeling. What kind of punishment would that be. We would have normal citizens wacking others on the street corner just for a free ride to Lala land. Just kidding of course. I'm a proponent of public hanging. If the hangman misjudged the drop height, the poor bastard would suffocate slowly or have his head snapped right the faq off. Needless to say, one might think twice after seeing such an event before sending someone to a permanent dirt nap.
Considering my own death (in no particular order):

- From someone tickling me too much

- From shock and too much alcohol after a rock concert lasting many days and including Ozzy, Ratt, Dokken, KISS, Quiet Riot, Motley Crue, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Rush, and GNR (... I know this one isn't possible, but it would be great, wouldn't it!?!)

- From too much sex with my cuddly little geek :D :D

- From plunging to my death from atop the highest skyscraper