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If you could design your own car, what kinda car would it be? What kinda drivetrain would it have?

Here's mine:
It would look like a modified Lambo Countach with 5 seats instead of 2. It would be low and have low drag coefficient, and without the wing.

The drivetrain would be series-hybrid with in-wheel motors. About 200kW in each of the four wheels. It would have a 20kW turbine engine/generator set and a pack of Supercapacitors able to deliver 800kW of power for like 20 secs. The turbine aggregate would be able to run off most fuels like gasoline, diesel, ethanol, etc.

It would use the motors for breaking and not have any disk brakes at all exept maybe one brake for parking only.

It would have a power outlet for any kind of appliance, so you could use your car as a generator if your house lost power due to a blackout.
My dream car would be shaped like a triangular pyramid and moved in 3 dimensions, or it would be a hooked up mercedes. Either way, I'll never drive it.


Making its North American debut at NAIAS after its unveiling at the Tokyo Motor Show just four months ago, Autoblog's Erin Mays reports that the extreme cab-forward FCX hydrogen fuel cell concept is now set for production.

American Honda Motor announced at NAIAS Sunday that it will begin production in Japan of its next generation FCX hydrogen fuel cell vehicle in just three or four years. The production car is said to closely resemble the FCX concept vehicle shown above.

The design of the FCX makes the most of the packaging advantages of Honda's fuel cell powertrain, which allows designers a low floor, low center of gravity, and plenty of cabin space.
Aston Martin Vanquish S Ultimate Edition.
Beat that..


Second, the Aston Martin Vanquish.


Ferarri 575 Maranello as a good third.


So far all the Hydrogen 7s that BMW has produced and distributed have been dual fuel vehicles that are capable of running on either hydrogen or gasoline. This is helpful since the H7 only has a range of about 100 miles from its tank of liquid hydrogen. BMW has now built a mono-fuel hydrogen only version of the H7 that has been optimized for running on the alternative fuel. By not having to compromise the engine to run on gasoline, BMW has been able to improve performance, reduce fuel consumption and extend the range. The mono-fuel H7 was recently tested at the Argonne National Lab which found out the exhaust gases were actually cleaner than the ambient air going into the engine. BMW will release more specifics about the mono-fuel H7 in two weeks at the SAE World Congress. For now, the mono-fuel H7 is just a tech demonstrator with no production plans.
Ok I didn't design these, but I would love to own one of these.


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Hydrogen sucks as a energy carrier. Why would anyone want it? It cost way more than gasoline, can run way shorter than lithium bartteries. And the fuel cells itself are much more costly than current hybrid technology. Don't let the car companies brainwash you and start demanding real series hybrids, not the mild hybrids the car companies tries to push on us.

Anyways why have noone responded with details of their own car design? I'm sure you have some ideas of a drivetrain of your own.
Austin Martins are made just down the road from me so I see then all the time, great cars.
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