Your Diet?

Your Diet?

  • I am a meat eater

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  • I am a vegetarian

    Votes: 5 17.2%
  • I am a vegan

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  • I eat whatever goes with my religion

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YamaYama said:
Humans are the only 'mammal' (out of approx. 4500 if I recall correctly) that drink the milk of another mammal. If the 'natural' argument holds any sway with you; you might be interested to observe that eating meat is actually more natural than drinking milk. Personally, I prefer to do neither.

What exactly does 'natural' mean to you? Is drinking milk somehow alien behavior that breaks laws of nature? You might find it interesting that most animals are unable to digest milk after a certain age. They lack the enzymes to break down the lactose. There are also humans who have this inability. They are called lactose-intolerant. Humans have been drinking milk for so long that the mutation that allows us to drink milk past our infancy has spread throughout almost the whole human population.

Why do you think that it is permissible to extrapolate what is natural human behavior from observing animals other than humans.

How is it unnatural if it has been our natural behavior for tens of thousands of years?

Cotton said:
Oh tell me about it. It's so difficult to get in my huge SUV that runs 5 miles to the gallon and drive 2 blocks to my super market. Then I have to go all the way in and pay for it. Oh no save us....hehe. Nah I don’t mean to criticize you but c'mon it you are not taking down a giant beast as avatar said.

Because all Americans are fat, wealthy pigs. Right? No one ever goes to sleep hungry in America. Right? No one can ever appreciate food in America because we're all such gluttonous pigs. Right? No one ever works hard for their food in America. Right? No one hunts for their food. Right?
Jolly Rodger said:
your link proves you wrong, it says

In some systems, the calves are restricted to a small, dark crate for their entire lives; producers usually say that this is done to keep their flesh white and tender.

Some usually is not always, you silly little person.

shit,whats your problem?first of all the only reason i even mentioned that was because you were implying that i was lying about what happened to my friends dads if you read what i initially posted and then read that link perhaps you can make the connection,if you cant then ask again and i will do it for you.
I don't see too many whiney vegans out harvesting their own vegetables, to be honest. There for, I'm not sure they can push their convictions onto someone else. Once every vegetarian moves to Nebraska or Kansas and buys a God damned combine, they can talk to me about convictions. Red meat eaters are the ones who supply you with that precious vegetation. And if it's not red meat eating farmers, then it's immigrants who are grateful for whatever they can get.

Now, I'm sure there are exceptions and some of you might actually work and harvest your own food, but the majority are just whiney misanthrops or subhumans who can't make up their minds on wether animals feel pain because they live in an ocean compared to living in a hen house or barn. The only way to justify milk drinking if we produced all of our dairy products from that of a lactating woman's breasts, as far as I'm concerned. Since I'm not about to drink breast milk, here's to Ol' Bessy.

Make no mistake, I don't live on a farm or claim to, but I also don't complain about what others feel like putting in their stomaches or about how an animal should be treated. I don't do the work, so I can't pass judgement.
I would also like to remind you that there are lot of American friends i have who have chosen to be Vegans.They are ok with it.Its just a matter of personal choice, but its important that we accept every sect of it.
Well as for me I had no chosing or moral considerations (I'm amoral by default),
one day I just got very sick from eating meat.
And now I can not think of a more disgusting way to pollute and mutilate my organism than eating flesh of animals.
It's weird how my inner brain-world affects my physical body.