Your Diet?

Your Diet?

  • I am a meat eater

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  • I am a vegetarian

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  • I am a vegan

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  • I eat whatever goes with my religion

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The POLL is lacking more Answers....
I have no Diet...
I like some meats, and dislike or hate others...
I eat like a pig, yet do not gain wieght....
some relgions forbid the consumption of certain meats, yet that not seem to stop people...

Mankind was created to eat meat....

You may not want to eat meat.... but do not worrie... someone in a fnacy retursnt will throw away 60% of the food they serve,...

It is not a question about "meat" it is a question about wasting food, or pleasure......................
but if no-one buys that 60% for long enough, then to save themselves money, they will stop producing it
On the topic of calcium, animal protein, milk and osteoporosis: I refer you to the following PCRM (Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine) article (with references):

Xerxes touched on one or two of the points already, but for the benefit of those who don't have time to read it, here are some relevant excerpts (..emphases are mine):
While patients tend to assume that boosting their calcium intake will ensure strong bones, research clearly shows that calcium intake is only part of the issue and that simply increasing calcium intake is an inadequate strategy. No less important is reducing calcium losses. The loss of bone mineral probably results from a combination of genetics and dietary and lifestyle factors, particularly the intake of animal protein, salt, and possibly caffeine, along with tobacco use, physical inactivity, and lack of sun exposure.

Animal protein tends to leach calcium from the bones, leading to its excretion in the urine....

The most healthful calcium sources are green leafy vegetables and legumes, which your patients can remember as ?greens and beans.? They have several advantages that dairy products lack. They contain antioxidants, complex carbohydrate, fiber, and iron, and have little fat and no cholesterol.

The calcium absorption from vegetables is as good or better than that of milk. Calcium absorption from milk is approximately 32 percent. Figures for broccoli, Brussels sprouts, mustard greens, turnip greens, and kale range between 40-64 percent.

The article also contains quite a long list of non-milk calcium sources.
Avatar: Unfortunately, it seems that cows do suffer due to man's bizarre custom of taking it's milk. Consider, initially, the most benign scenario, where cows give birth at a natural rate, and live in a relatively comfortable environment. Think about it: to begin with the calf is separated from it's mother, while members of a foreign species grope and squeeze their already-sensitive udder.
Then consider a more realistic scenario. The cow will likely be in a state of almost continual pregnancy; pushed to their physical limits in order to provide as much milk as possible; often spending long periods tied to a stanchion; with their mammary glands suffering abuse to the point where it succumbs to medical problems such as mastitis. Then, once their milk yield begins to decline, they will simply be slaughtered in many cases.
Ask any mother who has breastfed her own children if she could imagine being treated in the same way. From what I have heard, breastfeeding is a painful enough experience as it is.


Some of the reasons I have chosen a vegan diet:

(i) My lifestyle no longer (or at least in far less cases) supports the killing, or harm, of sentient creatures.

(ii) We get most of our energy from the sun, albeit indirectly. I've heard it argued that a plant-based diet is a more efficient means in which to retrieve this energy than a carnivore/omnivore diet. The argument makes sense to me. Why? Because if you think of it in stages - the plants retrieving their energy directly from the sun, then animals retrieving their energy indirectly from the sun, via the plants - and acknowledge that alot of energy is lost at each stage (alot of the energy a cow extracts from the grass it eats is expended in simply maintaining it's respitory system for example), it seems obvious that extracting energy directly from plants is more efficient, as it cuts out the 'middle man' (or 'animal' rather).
Perhaps this is what led Einstein to say/write that: "Nothing will benefit human health and increase chances for survival of life on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet."
I think that if people are really concerned about over-population, they should take this into consideration.

(iii) Health: Why do you think meat and dairy products need to be refrigerated? Because they're ridden with harmful bacteria - that's why! Beer and juices are refrigerated primarily because people find them nicer chilled. Fruit and vegetables can be left at room temperatures for considerable periods of time, especially in the winter - and still be perfectly safe to eat. But meat and dairy are refrigerated for different reasons - to inhibit the growth of organisms!
The more complex an organism is, the more likely it is to be host to other organisms - such as bacteria. When you eat part of an animal, you are also eating whatever remains of it's once-upon-a-time parasites and other dwellers - e.g. the beef tapeworm. Plants, compared to animals, are simple organisms.

And lastly, a somewhat more personal reason ... not as easy to rationalise:

(iv) Processing meat is such a mess! Did you ever think of all the work that goes into killing a chicken, removing it's feathers, chopping off it's head, removing it's entrails etc. etc. etc.. I think if people thought about these things more often, it might put them off meat.
I find the meat and dairy industry to be exceedingly ugly: from cows and sheep marked with red scribbles in fields; to the manure-splattered field entrances; to manky feedlots of rusting iron; to smelly butcher shops. Scenes I have no desire to associate with myself with!


Thought some people might enjoy this:
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The article also contains quite a long list of non-milk calcium sources.
No problems, I like to have a glass of milk with pease.

p.s. To address your later post, problems of cowlife or dying children in africa really don't bother me. I have a diet I enjoy and it includes dairy products.
Mine consists of yogourt (with Splenda sugar subsititute and fat-free), Boneless skinless chicken, some red meat, a variety of vegetables (zucchini is my the best), tomato/avocado salads and the occasional junk food (at parties and such). I've lost a lot of weight ever since I cut out most carbohydrates, I still have a long way to go though. Ever sonce I started onphedemines to treat Norcolepsy, I often don't feel like I need to eat anything. I now eat nutritious food and I eat about half of what I used to. Sleeping disorders have plagued me because it created hormone imbalances that make one want to eat more. Anyway, I have no idea why I'm sharing this. Maybe it's because I've lost a lot of weight and I'm excited. I have to loose a bit more and I'll be more noticed. We all know the way society works.

I also drink skim milk. I think 2% is disgustingly creamy, it's like eating pure butter to me. My ideas have changed lately. I'm a freak. I go to the gym between school and working, I usually eat one meal a day and it works!

You have a horrible diet :eek: . Really, I'd very much recommend that you take a nutrition class at your school. It would be an easy A and you'd learn a shitload of invaluable information about the body and how it processes and assimilates food. I guarantee it would change the way you eat too.

When you eat one meal per day, you're lowing your metabolism and making it necessary for your body to store fat. When you learn how the body works, you'll see how counterproductive your strategy is.
I've been told that I should eat during the whole day. I've been lectured many times. When I do eat, I eat healthy food, but I know that I should eat more often.
Yeah, 1 meal/day works fine for me 2. But when I live alone, I'll never eat! I will sleep the whole day... because I'm a dhampire and the sun kills me... but I'll stay awake at night. Sometimes at night, I feel like I'm immortal.
I naturally have a very slow metabolism, but that disturbs my diet little or not at all, because I like to eat healthy food and I also practice Taekwondo. What I dislike about my slow metabolism state is that it takes very long for some physical injury to heal.
I'd like a slow metabolism. Everything I eat or drink goes straight through and out after an hour. Nothing could slow it down, even eating one sandwich a day (I'm quite alert and active that way).
Vegans are fucked, like not the vegans that mind there own business, like I don’t give a fuck what people eat although, if someone wants to start complaining to me about what I’m eating I draw the line.
I have never met a vegan that doesn't shut up about how you are such a bad person for eating meat, and how my shoes cost the life of some poor animal, how many animals died to make my fur coat about how it is wrong to have cuff links made out of turtle shell, how it wrong to have all of my stationary made out of ivory and my tiger and lion and bear carpets. I mean hey it is my life, I bought them they were already dead, I didn't kill them.
But with buying you support the slaughter!! :mad:

p.s. I like to dress in leather and I have horns of forest-goats in my room. :p
Jolly Rodger said:
how my shoes cost the life of some poor animal, how many animals died to make my fur coat
One of my favorite quotes is from a movie whose title is long forgotten:

Vegan friend to female lead wearing fur coat: "Do you know how many poor animals they had to kill to make that coat?"

Female lead: "Do you know how many rich animals I had to screw to buy this coat?"
ok sorry before it gets out of hand I should probably say I was joking about the fur coat, the cuff links made out of turtle shell, the stationary made out of ivory and my tiger and lion and bear carpets.

Sorry I thought it was funny...

But the rest I was not joking about, I went to a school with a vegan, and for a while we were friends although I just could not handle her bullshit, she would be like, you know what chicken farms look like and show me this picture while I was trying to eat chicken for lunch, it was really quite annoying to say the least
Avatar said:
I don't understand what vegans have against milk. We're mammals not jellyfish.

one of my friends dads owned a herd of cows which he used for milking,and for there needed to be calves for the mothers to produce milk,however there is no market in england for beef to make it worth his while to keep the calves (initially he was selling them as dog food) so he had to just shoot them grind them up and spread them over his fields.i think that may be a reason vegans object to dairy products.i would like to be a vegetarian but the truth is i am just too lame,i dont like enough vegetables and am not good enough at cooking.the ideal for me would be to raise my own animals and kill them myself so i know how they are treated throughout their life.
Well it would be pointless in not argueing her vegan lifestyle.

If she only represented herself then nobody on this planet would even contemplate the possibilities that we are savage, self centred beasts of burden aswell.

Hell, would you slit a cows throat, watch it choke to death on its own blood, then savagely cut chunks of its flesh to be eaten ?

No, I didnt think so....