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smoking revolver
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as in the title-> post your favourite desktop wallpaper

I like tht girl SO much:p. I wish she was real.:(
As you might expect...

For wallpapers i enjoy waterfalls, lagoons, beaches, and other beautiful pictures. I have a file that's loaded with favorites. Here's one:
Thats great Avatar... Ive just downloaded it...

Personally I rotate mine using Pick-tures. This is my current favourite...

I can't post mine cos it's very rude and you're all far too young!! :D
Hey! I'm a whole 28 and a half! I can even tie my own shoelaces when Mum lets me! :p
if you want to show the image you need to post a link from a net i.e. your img file must be on a server
I like tht girl SO much. I wish she was real.

i have other pic of her... somwhere.. oh.. i might have gotten rid of them... one of her standing. its like the same pic.. only full color.. and one of her sitting on the floor....