Your Death

Too much to ask for I guess.

This is going to be lame:

"Why can't we all just...get along."
i ALREADY said that....well, at least in that other thread i did...

it's cool, Pollux...tyler and i have a fine love/hate relationship forming....we're bonding ...heh...:D
and, yeah...judging by the size of billy's hands and feet(it's all in the lenght, ya know), i'll bet he could satisfy 2 or 3 women at one time.
ohhhh.... thats reallly not true..
my b/f is 5'4 125lbs, wears a size 10 shoe, has hands smaller than mine, and is constantly stealing my socks. .... but id never complain.... :D
Originally posted by Pollux V
Hey! You get's word of the day too?!
No I don't.
I can't seem to locate
The lack of a decent dictionary these days has me feeling all lugubrious.
Let me know if you see it.
What's todays word?


Welcome chinditz.
I hope to die fighting for the freedom and joy of this world.

I will die fighting for the freedom and joy of this world. If I do die someday...

I just hope to die leaving somthing behind. That something could be anything like children, memories or even a big stash of money that would help the goverment give homes to the homeless although they'd probably spend it on going to war.