Your Death

"But I am more likely to meet an adult I dont like than a kid I dont like."

Hmmmm. I think I'm more likely to meet a kid I can't stand but am more likely to find an adult I despise and hate.
HOPE - dying in some way involving my life as a punk rock star. Hopefully on stage, very public, very sad. LIke Kurt.

Probably- too early to say.

I just hope its not at the hands of Pollux...
1.) To die peacefully in my sleep like my grandfather did, with hundreds of screaming passengers behind me.
just kidding.

2.) Dying at the hands of enraged radicals, while protesting at the top of my lungs.

3.) Dying after everyone I love has died, so they won't suffer the sorrow of my funeral. Especially after my mom's dead; I can't stand to think of her burying her own child.

4.) Want to die right after reaching enlightenment. It'll just be me going "Oh." and falling over dead.

1.) Cardiac infarction. It'll probably happen soon, too. So if I don't come back to SciForums within 3 years, you'll know what happened to me.

2.) Dying at the hands of enraged radicals, while protesting at the top of my lungs. (lol)

3.) In the throes of road rage, wherein I will be the sole cause of the worst car pile-up in history. (lol!) It's highly possible.

4.) Suicide.

You never know ...
^oh that reminds me of one i think ive mentioned somehwre before.

dreaming of suicide while sleepwalking with no concious intentions of dying.
Oy vey, that's kind of disturbing. Why would you want to go and ruin Billy's life?

If I fucked a woman and she dropped dead I'd have to be in a mental ward within the day.
believe me, buster...i would MAKE billy's day in a heart-beat, given the chance.:D i would make him do "it" more than 2 or 3, i would probably be him keeling over. :D
Stop putting it in quotation marks. Just say "I would make him fuck me..."

Hmmmm. You think more than two or three times would end a rock star? You ain't much of a groupie, are ya?
please...fornicate....isn't that what you mean, TYler? besides...i didn't know we were allowed to say fuck on this board... and, i'm not a groupie, just a woman in love.:D :eek: fuck, i can't believe i actually said that word. are a bad influence upon me.:bugeye: :mad: :p
You're not suppose to insult people with cursing and the sorts. Saying "fuck" doesn't necessarily insult anyone.

And unless the sexual exploits of rock stars have gone way down in the past little while, I'm pretty sure Bill can handle you. Or you and two other girls, for that matter.
:D "Bill" hee hee...
and, yeah...judging by the size of billy's hands and feet(it's all in the lenght, ya know), i'll bet he could satisfy 2 or 3 women at one time. no, sweat. and, i dunno...i just don't like saying (and, i never use it out here in the real world) the word fuck. to me it's kind of coarse and crass. unless i am tangled up in the midst of heavy fornication, i don't use the word. but...i have been known to whisper it it into an ear now and then...:p