Your Death

<i>When i was a 20 year-old budding rock star I wanted to die from electroction in the middle of a scorching guitar solo!</i>

Didn't a guitarist for Stone The Crows die like that years ago? Except that I believe that he was electrocuted when he plugged up or something like that.

George Carlan once said that death should have a 2 minute warning like professional football. That way when the warning went off you could deliver a final speech and as your time ran out you could say "and if I'm lying may God strike me dead!" And then keel over.
Hope to die by:
Suicide (nothing messy, preferably somthing like pills), in my old age, with my wife/significant other.

Will die by: Since I was a kid I've always expected to die in a car accident. I think I will too, probably because of poor road conditions in the winter after a day of snowboarding...which is okay :D.
I dont hope to die, but it would be good to be eaten by a wild Yak on tv!!!
I will prbably die doind something stupis, like trying to snowboard at 60!
hmmm, death is just the beginning of life.

I was shown my death, I am the last of my friend's and family to move on. It will be a nice peaceful moment of closing my eyes, then being surrounded by my loved ones again. A chance to go home :)
after reading most of your posts, ive come to one conclusion.

im never riding in a car with you people... :D
like tallguy said, id like to die before my family does

chances are i wont

i will probably die of old age????!!!!!
Preferred method of death: Bunsen and Beaker will use their Presto-Enlargo Raygun on a chicken, making it the size of a 30-story building. And in its running rampage, i will jump onto its back and heroically twist its neck right before it steps on a bunch of naked hot chicks, but as it falls over it crushes my head beneath its body. But it doesn't completely splatter my head, probably because of its cushion-like feathers, and oddly enough for the next 45 minutes i remain conscious, and don't experience any pain due to that part of my brain being destroyed. The rest of my brain is still functioning perfectly though, and the hot chicks are so grateful to me for saving their lives that they come over and proceed to ass me up until my gonads are volcanic and my heart implodes in a fiery supernova of orgasmic ecstasy.

Probable method of death: Being mauled by renegade pop-up ads.
Since these will be the last moments of my life, I hope to die consciously, aware that I'm dying even If that means feeling pain. Whether there's another dimension I'm going to or just plain nothingness I want to be aware of the transitional process.

As irony would have it I'll probably die in my sleep.
I would like to die by being hit by a piece of errant space debris in the year 2227.

Most likely if I don't get off my butt and excersise I will have a heart attack and slump over my key board any day now.
I once made out a timeline of things I wanted to accomplish before I die and how long it would take for all of those to happen. I can comfortably die in 369 years, I'm proud to say.
A slow painless death so I have the chance to say good bye to my loved ones

Being sat on by an elephant or really big man :eek:
I don't really care HOW I die, I just want to know I'm about to die so I can look back on my life as a whole. Dying in my sleep, NEVER! I want to know I'm in the last minutes of my life, so I can conclude it fittingly.
Get hit by a car when I'm not looking. Or, you guessed it, die in my sleep :(
Doing something heroic. Saving someone elses life, preferrably a childs.

I think I will be diagnosed with some ill-fated disease within the next 10 years. And then I will live in pain and agony for years as a I slowly wither away.
"Saving someone elses life, preferrably a childs."

Why is it any better to save a child's life than an adults?
Why is it any better to save a child's life than an adults?

Its not, in general. Adults I just dont like. Their selfish and mean. Children are innocent. They are selfish in their own little ways but they dont know any better. Their little curious creatures that if brought up in a good way, can be of some importance to this world. And I would much rather give a little child a chance at the world, then someone thats already been here for years hoggin up oxygen:D
To paraphrase George Carlin:
Kids are just like adults. Some become something special, but most end up total losers and wastes of space.

I really don't see why our socitey obsesses over kids so much. They're just littler versions of the current dumbasses in society.
Yeah, your right. Kids suck ass too.

But I am more likely to meet an adult I dont like than a kid I dont like. I have more patience for children. I like that when they talk they dont have an ulterior motive. They just want to talk and play with you - they aint scheming to get into your pants or your wallet. I like their innocence. Plus their pretty helpless, they cannot defend themselves from bigger people. Maybe thats why I hold children up to a higher light. And maybe thats why I think child abusers should be dealt with differently than regular criminals. Because they are helpless.