Your Death

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Two things. Write the way you'd hope to die, and then write the way you think you'll die. Me:

I hope that I either die in my sleep or am assassinated:D.

I think that I will die from starvation.

And you...?
I'd hope id die helping/saving someone. To be honest, id probably die alone on a hospital bad after some horrible accident...:(
I'd hope to die doing something heroic, but chances are it will be some yet to be determined slow acting disease. or maybe being eaten by some animal. that way the circle of life continues. I think random accident would suck the most. "Man dies after lamp post falls on his head"

Also i wish to be creamated. I don't like the idea of my body sticking around after i'm gone.
How I hope to die
I hope to die in my garden on a sunny morning as the birds are singing. I'll place a flower in my wife's hair and tell her one last time that I love her. The last vision I'll have of this world is her beautiful smile; the last thing I'll hear is her soft voice; the last sensation I'll feel is her warm touch...

How I expect to die
I expect to die in my garden on a sunny morning...

I hope to die drugged out of my mind hooked to machines in an hospital.

I think I will die of some horrible plague, boil and pox infested to the end, with skin sloughing (sp?) off onto the ground.
Preferred Death:
I will be shot in the head, a quick and painless conclusion this "fever called living."

More Likely Death:
I will be shot in the balls, to die at a hellishly and torturously slow rate.
I would like to be assassinated (and if I follow my high school plan, it'll happen) BUt I"ll probably die of old age or in a tragic accident.
I hope that Thor doesnt kill me.

I hope to die a sudden death... But it has to be funny. Like Im having a heart attack and I yell out "The food is posion!" Just something to freak people out, and make them laugh.

To die gloriously as a martyr for freedom and a testament to the unbreakable nobility of mankind.


To die of exposure when I've passed out from cheap vodka, in my cardboard box under the underpass.
I hope I die drowning or in my sleep when im around 50

I think i will die in pain when im around 100
asleep, painlessly, of old age, no illness.

murder, something painfull.... i usually picture being shot. posibly kidnaped first, theres alot of fear involved.
hope: every man's fantasy

belief: 60ish of heart attack while doing errands
I just want to die before any of my family does. I'll probably die of heart attack between the age 30-35.
I've seen several deaths. The most peaceful that I have watched was in the hospital, the departing was under drug induced sedation.

I haven't a clue how I will die.
Eh. We've also gotta acknowledge the possibility of immortality in the future. That possibility being large or small differs between the levels of naivity, I guess...
Hope: to die painlessly and peacefully late in life - say 85 years old; but that age is contingent on how pissed off with the world I become.

Think: that I will die either of the following ways:-
*die young-ish from cancer
*car accident - i really am the worst driver :(
*it's possible that i may be murdered (just a fear of mine)
*plane crash
*terrorist attack - wrong place, wrong time. Bit like Sept 11.
I hope that i never die (By the time im about 2 die they will have invented summit 2 make me live 4evr!)

I think i will die very soon, im probably g'na die of some desease like cancer or summit, or im gna B murdered, probably by Ruth or Emily. mayB even Poppy- i mean she looks inocent enuf, bt undaneath shez an evil-Emma-h8ing skitzo!!!:D :D :D
When i was a 20 year-old budding rock star I wanted to die from electroction in the middle of a scorching guitar solo!

When I was 30 i nearly got squashed to death riding on top of an elevator cubicle---it went up and down 3 times before somebody cut the power (it's a long story). It felt like such a stupid way to die.

I think I will die in a very stupid way!