your current desktop picture

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I just have it blank on the default windows setting because I reformat my harddrive so dag gone often :( Too much of a pain to set small details like that up again, over and over (too time consuming)

Though let me think, my system seems to be pretty stable now, I'm satisfied with my partition setup, and have virus protection. Let me think about what I'd put up. I'd probably create something. Let me get back to you on this. :)
I've got just a blue background with the poster from my favorite movie, "Stephen King's Sometimes They Come Back". I'm going to check out to see if there's anything really really cool there, though.
Digital Blasphemy is good, i find most of their 'free' pics spun out more than anything... I can't be botherd paying for the members area. I'm pretty sure they charge you anyway. I might have to go check. :cool:
Xev, this is now twice I have posted a pic of my sacred Anvil of Cthulhu idol, and you have said nothing.

Pooh to you with knobs on!
Hey hey I have a desktop
And... though many of you might not believe it... it's not a fish!

Instead, it's a background I made by myself, using Bryce 4, and I think Photoshop 5.5 to touch it up a bit (only raising gamma and changing curves and stuff) This desktop was for my wizard on everquest (his name is Tephrox Veneficus)

edit: Oh, and for those of you wondering, if you want to use it yourself... I kinda accidentally deleted the original photoshop file, so I can't edit the name out very easily. If anyone actually wants it, just post here and i'll re-render the picture without the name in there =P

Well, here it is!
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