Your Background

This has been my background for a while now...but I change stuff up pretty often, so maybe tomorrow it will change, especially since this thread made me think about it.

Anyone else change the colours of their windows and title bars to match their backgrounds? As soon as I found out that you could change them, I've been obsessed with it. I even change them for holidays.

Damned I am such a wannabe Soviet!

Here's mine

That is the Tupolev Tu-144 of Aeroflot. I won't go into the history *Mind the quality* I never did this before. :D

Because I live in the city, Toronto ontario, from Lakeshore towards the CN Tower, and the Sydome, and a bunch of condo's. :) But the direction seems funny to me, First Canadian Place, and the downtown core should be in the east not west, also the skydome is on the other side of the CN tower. Seems odd. :bugeye:
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I am too lazy to attach a link, but my desktop picture is of the lovely and talented Meg Ryan.

*Galt still wonders why he likes older women so much better than women his own age...*