Your all-time favorite childhood toy

My favorite childhood toy can be considered a toy at times and other times it might not really be one. It was my green stingray, which was a single speed Huffy.
i remember my first bike very well.
didn't have training wheels and it was way too big for me, but i learned to ride it.
needless to say, every tree on the block had a name.
I can't remember what my favorite toy was as a child - mostly played with salvaged sports stuff, inner tubes and the like, and some cards around the house (almost full decks), not many what you call toys around - but I know which one I miss now: the original Superball, the big one that was banned in the US after a year or so of chaos. If I had known they were going to disappear, I would have been more careful with the one we had around the house.
Tinker Toys were hours and hours of fun.I think you can still buy them. They are made of plastic now, instead of the wooden ones we are familiar with. My favorite toy was a pair of sidewalk skates that I got for my 6th or 7th birthday. What a joy.
My favorite child hood toy was a suction cup dart gun.!!!

When I was around 6 i used to practice quick draw an shoot a small decorative dish hangin on the wall from about 10 feet away an got real good at it... but the darts got so worn that the gun had a hair trigger... an one mornin dad stepped into the room an i drew my gun... ponted it at him an shouted... STICK 'EM UP... well... i didnt even touch the trigger but the gun fired an the dart hit dad square between the eyes... lol... an i was told to never ever pont it at anybody agan :(

A few weeks later i shot a lit cigarrette from my brother in laws mouthe :)

I used to dream of a suction cup gun.
My favourite toy was a spinning top made out of an old wooden cotton reel.

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My dad used to make a toy made of a wooden spool(that used to hold thread)a rubber band and a pencil.Somehow you wound it up and it would trail along the floor.A lot of fun