Your 10 dream sports

Zero G fighting would be class!

My top 10..

Ones I actually do:

1. Downhill mountain biking
2. Kickboxing

Ones I that I don't do, but sound cool to me

3. Base jumping
4. Muay Thai
5. Motocross
6. Archery
7. Football (I am scarred for life mentally after being continually taunted while playing football in school. But I like it nonetheless.)
8. Rugby (Screw being a slightly built female!!!!!)
9. Gymnastics (I could probably actually be reasonably non-crap at gymnastics, I'm hyper-mobile)
10. Snowboarding

Shit, I was gonna include BMX and muay thai kickboxing, but I'm only allowed 10.
1. Skydiving.

The only reason it's my "dream sport" is money. I've done it before, but right now I don't have the money required for earning a license. Once I do though, you bet I'll be doing it every weekend. Base jumping is a little too dangerous for me, but I bet it would be a lot of fun too.