You must surrender


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I am speaking in this context as soybob square pants or soybomb who will be invading soon but anyway you have one hour to bow to us and delete all the threads in your message boards or we will invade.
We are whodonits beware.

I like eating you cantalopes and there whodonits.

You have one hour!!!
This is why ....

... the US Congress, in the wake of DoS "assaults" and viral campaigns, took up the notion of declaring hacking to be terrorism.

If I take your meaning properly, Walter, you're threatening this board, and furthermore with a project name already used.

First, get original.

Second, you're a sad joke.

Third, yes, this kind of approach is about as stupid as going back to the rental company for the deposit on the truck you just used to blow up the World Trade Center parking garage.

On the other hand, Soy Boy, welcome to sciforums.

If performance art is dead, it's only because the artists are spending too much time watching each other, and comparing themselves thereby. See what happens, Walter? You're not even trying.

Tiassa :cool:
Shut up you are getting me all riled up

you do not want to do that.
a:I am not and no one is Soy Boy
b:I am Wally the radish not Walter you silly person
Actually, Walter

I'm wondering if you have a purpose in life, of if you're just "waiting for God" as the saying goes.

Like I said, get original.

It helps if you don't make yourself appear to be a lackwitted provocateur. I'm more curious if you have anything worthwhile to say, or if we've already seen the zenith of your intellectual process.

--Tiassa :cool:

PS--we'd all laugh with you, but so far it isn't apparent that you're being funny.

<b>idiot</b> - <i>id-EE-ut</i>. One who threatens with infantile intentions; a loner with no station in life. Ex. "The <i>idiot</i> wrote meaningless posts and thought himself clever." <i>Syn.</i> Wallytherubbish; ex. "Honey, take <i>Wallytherubbish</i> out with the diapers, okay?" <i>See also <font color="red"><u>Wallytheradish</u></font></i>.
Visiting the Zoo


WallytheRadish is a troll. (From the early days of the Internet). A troll purposely lurks around and waits to cause mischief and mayhem. This will be the first and only post for WallytheRadish that I will make and that mainly to inform the other members of the forum. Trolls don’t do well when not fed. They shrivel and fade away without sustenance. However if they are fed, they grow bigger and bigger and the next thing you know they have a family. So my advice, having seen this attitude and set of actions before, “Don’t Feed the Trolls”. You know, just like the sign at the zoo.
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