Yoga advice


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I am dong a Yoga exercise and have a question about it.
It is the corpse position (I think)

The thing is I need to lie down occasionally (for short periods of time) and ,killing two birds with one stone I have decided to do that Yoga position where you direct your attention to different areas of the body.

The question I have is this:

Is it possible (or part of the exercise) to direct one's attention to parts of the body you can't actually feel?

I mean,you can feel the nostrils and parts of the body that are in contact with the other things (there is movement from breathing that facilitates this) but what of parts that you can't actually feel?

Are these "no go" areas? Is one supposed to use one's imagination here or just skip over them?
Use your imagination. Wolfian progressive relaxation helps too. :wink:
So you summon up memories of your previous understanding of those particular parts of the body?

Do you focus on small regions or whole areas ?(both?)

And the parts you can actually feel ,do you treat them separately since no imagination is required as there is direct sensory input?

Do people ever do this exercise in sensory deprivation tanks? Does it make it any different?
With progressive relaxation you tense a set of muscles as tight as you are able, hold the tense for a minute, then relax those muscles. You begin with your feet, then your calves, then thighs etc until you have tightened and relaxed all of the major areas of your body one muscle group at a time. Here is a link to a more formal description:

It is very effective at relaxing you for sleep or meditation. I do not know if anyone has tried it in a sensory deprivation environment.