Yin and Yang

nameless said:
Thank you for pointing out my totally misspelled typo of the missing 'e'. Other than correcting my spelling (totally unnecessary) did you grok my meaning in my useage of the term?

Perhaps you haven't read where I explained that 'existence' was 'inversely proportional' to Reality/Truth. Anything that 'exists' is necessarilly temporal. That is a necesary quality of existence. Truth/Reality is 'timeless'. Never the twain shall meet. No paradox. I realize that most people use 'reality' interchangeably with 'existence'. (Maybe it is a small 'r' 'reality' thing.) That is slop and error.
In other words, there is nothing of which you can conceive that is Truth/Reality and Truth/Reality cannot be concepts, has no 'existence'.
The truth that can be spoken is not the Truth;
the tao that can be conceived is not the Tao!

Certainly is, an an elegant and powerful 'path' into Truth/Reality.

I love the literal translation, the Tao that can be Tao'd is not the true Tao.

And yes, Martial arts is beautiful in that it allows you to understand your body, and therein transcend it, and it is one of the best defined paths into what one might call "spirituality"(which herein is used to describe the path one might walk to find "truth").
seekeroftheway said:
When did we try to say that opposites DIDN'T exist?

No where, but can you give me a better reason to start this thread? I think most threads are started simply, just to argue it's credibility, and such. I think alot of people understand the basic principals of Yin and Yang, which in this lifetime, is just about what the majority of the world needs to know, about it. I enjoy to see threads like this though, to further my knowledge of foreign subjects. But this isn't all to complicated a thing.
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c7ityi_ said:
lol, i was "joking". you should get it. i have like 399 more spelling mistakes than you.
but you're also joking, you're thanking me, yet you say it was unnecessary.
Are you expecting consistency?
Is that humor again?
I find that lack of expectations keep me in a relatively constant state of (usually) pleasant surprise!
also you could say expectations give you an even bigger supprise, when you expect something, then something totally different happens, thats when true supprise leaps out, if you expect nothing/everything and just stay aware, you tend to be more ready for anything,

as you do battle, dont expect your enemy to do this nor that, just know he wcan and will do anything to kill you,

stay aware and alert, and assume nothing, just assume that he is a strong opponent.

I find that 'expectations' most often lead to the unwanted (yet repetitive) 'surprise' of dissappointment the way that maintaining 'illusions' lead to disillusionment.
that also can be true,

see the yin and the yang both of us are correct, but opposite.

yin is the yang deep down, as one cant be without the other they are 2 halfs to a whole.

if you took one away the other wouldent exist. so they must be the same.

look at the yin yang symbol itself, now dont look how different the colours are and the pattern/line, lok st the circle they are in. the circle holds them both they are the circle, wich becomes the sphear, with infinite more.

Even this conversation is Yin/Yang from its 'complimentary' perspective. I guess that, infused with emotion and ego, this would possibly then be Yin/Yang from the adversarial/opposite/polarized perspective.
A 'point' is merely a 'line' from another perspective, eh?
Both perspectives of value.

Worth repeating (considering the number of differing perspectives);
"All statements are true in some sense, false in some sense, meaningless in some sense, true and false in some sense, true and meaningless in some sense, false and meaningless in some sense, and true and false and meaningless in some sense." -Robert Anton Wilson
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a line from a point,

yes you could say it that way, without opposites we cannot define anything, we need bad to feel good,

we also need to not agree all the time, challenge sparks will power, will power sparks determination, determination sparks results, results spark new challengers, then the circle begins, and we have woven a tree of knowledge. then it will grow.

EmptyForceOfChi said:
and we have woven a tree of knowledge. then it will grow.
I apologise for being agreeable, that just happens to be who I am at the moment. Never fear, there are plenty of 'moments.

Knowlege has its place, but what happens when you know too much??
I'll tell you, it sux!

Bye the bye, shouldn't being 'challenged' spark thought? Since that is the challenge arena we are talking about? Sparking 'will power' (yeah right!) brings up images of donkeys digging in their heels...
knowing too much is annoying,

and yes you better be sorry for agreeing with me, asshole :)

bieng challenged sparks thought yes ofcourse, everything sparks thought, even thought itself sparks thought, will power is good, it fuels the physical and mental of yourself. good motivation is needed.

results yes, when people gain a result or a new "record" it inspires more challenge from other challengers, and as more challenges arise people adapt and become better, and better, and better, like say today i broke the world record for worlds hardest punch,
no doubt somebody else will train harder than me and challenge my reign,

people like to be better than others, its natural and can be healthy in moderation, if respected.

Ahhh, the Satan invoked, ego ergo ego..
Ok, you can be 'better' than me if you like...
And I agree, I can be such an asshole! Hahahahahah... *__-

At some point, and you mark my words, you will hit the end of that 'chain' at full speed! Your whole life/universe will never be the same!

The difference?
Before, 'you' are modified to best suit 'existence'.
After, you modify existence to your Will...

Then there is no one to 'be better than', and no longer the need.
How trump perfection?
there will always be somebody more earthly better at things,

yes the ego true, and no your not an asshole,

i guess thats true before your modified to existence,

my universe is never the same, it changes constantly all the time, as does yours,

book of changes,

EmptyForceOfChi said:
there will always be somebody more earthly better at things,
No one in the multiverse is or can be better than I at Being.. ME! I'm the ultimate expert on myself, and I 'do' me well!!

and no your not an asshole,
Well, that was humor, too, but in reality, it depends on the moment you catch me, what 'face' I'm wearing.. sometimes strategy demands I be an asshole! All facets of humanity are reflected from within me, healer to killer, saint to 'asshole'. I deny nothing. I don't necessarilly 'display' everything though. *__-

my universe is never the same, it changes constantly all the time, as does yours,
As do we! Ain't that the apparent truth!

Ultimately, though, nothing ever changes but appearances and perspective; nothing 'moves' but 'consciousness'.
nameless said:
No one in the multiverse is or can be better than I at Being.. ME! I'm the ultimate expert on myself, and I 'do' me well!!

I don't say this much, but you need to calm down on the marijuana.

[That is, if you use marijuana.]

If so, kinda ironic i said it on your 420th post, eh?
Hahahahah... do you think thast I should smoke? *__-
'Irony' seems to be the fuel that keeps the universe from winding down (it just doesn't stay lit though)!
The truth still stands. How many people try to tell us what is best for us, how to live, etc..?

Actually, we all talk like this here. We live in the middle of Mt. Olympussy and control the world from here. We are the Illuminutty! So, you better watch out!
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