Yellowstone super volcano.

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Forgive me if there is another thread on this, I didn't see one in the last 40 or so.

This article makes me a little nervous. See general outline at:


Foreword by Marshall Masters
A 4.4 magnitude earthquake occurred just 9 miles southeast of the south entrance to Yellowstone National Park. According to the USGS, “It is unlikely that there is a connection or triggering mechanism of the earthquake with the increased hydrothermal activity at Norris Geyser Basin, which is about 35 miles from the epicenter or with hydrothermal features in Yellowstone Lake that have received recent publicity.” However, given the shallow depth of this quake, the volcanism model developed by Larry Park has suddenly lurched us a huge step towards a worst-case eruption event.

Simply put, anyone living within 600 miles of Yellowstone could be sitting in a modern day Pompeii. In addition, for those living outside this area and West of the Mississippi river, there could be grievous consequences as well because systemic processes are now building beneath Yellowstone, that paint a very clear picture of a major eruption event in its early stages

In this article, Larry Park will present the science behind his warning. However, as the publisher of YOWUSA.COM, I wish to put some context to all this in layman’s terms as now as I personally feel the time has come for everyone living west of the Mississippi to become aware and to begin making a calm and deliberate assessment of the facts. This especially applies to those presently living within 600 miles of Yellowstone. However, what does the USGS say?

Question ?

another version same story, and a Question

If more steam vents appear, that means a continuous pathway for pressure release has been established to the magma chamber. If that happens, the pressure in the magma chamber will continue to drop until it reaches a critical stage when the superheated water within the magma explodes.

why would the thing explode if the presure is dropping?
It seems to me - at least as I understand it - gysers operate the same way. Pressure is released in the eruption of the gyser, allowing liquid water back into the chambers where it again is superheated causing the cyclic eruption. Only in this case we are talking magma?

That article in RENSE was a little confusing and not very clear for a laymen.

The dome rising would cause a stress fracture eventially suddenly releasing gas pressure through a fault or conduit. With the pressure released the magma then explodes like opening a soda pop you just shook up.

This is what I am "GUESSING".

So the warning would be a sharp earthquake with the venting of a large amount of steam? Then BOOM! As the magma vaporizes.
We got many feet of ashfall here in Nebraska last time Yellowstone blew. Whole herds of animals were just buried and even more asphyxiated by the glassine dust. And yes, it looks like its readying up for another blow.

If it happens in my lifetime and I survive I am going to own this state. >=)-
i think something must be wrong in the Rense artikel, because i dont understand why it would explode if presure is released?

the pressure in the magma chamber will continue to drop until it reaches a critical stage

what is a critical "low" presure ?

the soda example works because presure builds in the bottle/can and is then freed in a single blasts(did you know you can shoot bottle caps?), but acording to Rense presure is droping.
Superheated water under pressure remains liquid, once the pressure drops it will expand and turn to steam instantaniously - BOOM!
I get it, I guess... assuming that the volcanoic temperature stays the same...
By the way..... if the volcano is to erupt, is it going to blast or flood the earth?
The strata say no. It might if the volcano was coastal or under water but not Yellowstone specifically. Even if it was under water it would only cause a big tsunami, not another Noah scenario.
why would the thing explode if the presure is dropping?

The magma at the center of the earth is under tremendous pressure; one effect of that is that certain gases are forced into solution at abnormally high consentrations. Namly, sulfur.

When the pressure drops to a critical point, then this gas starts coming out of the liquid magma, and when it does it comes out *fast*. once the explosion starts, it moves rock out of the way, causing a futher drop in pressure above the magma pillow, which then keeps the explosive release of gas going.

This is different from a regular volcano, where the pressure of the magma keeps building up until the pocket of earth it's encased in pops like a balloon.

The earth above the magma pillow then destablalises, and collapses into the magma chamber, which drive vast amount of liquid rock into the air and up ontop of the land mass. This is how much of yellowstone formed. this is also what forms the crater, known as a Caldera.

The ground underneith Yellowstone swelled between 1920 and 1980, pushing lakes around and worrying people. However, between 1980 and today, the pillow of lave appears to have receaded some, reducing many people fears. Of course, given we have never been witness to a supervolcano prior to it's explosion, maybe the reduction in swelling is the signs of a drop in pressure inside the magma pillow. ;)

There are three or four supervolcanos' in the CA, MT, WY, OR area, from Yellowstone out to the Three Sister's volcanic area.

as a note, yellowstone has erupted three known times, the largest one being the most recent - the lava covered a large section of the midwest, IIRC. Also, the caldera it formed covered 1/3 of Yellowstone Nat'l Park. It happens every 600,000 years or so, and it's been 800,000 since the last one (my numbers may be off, but the point stands. we are long overdue)
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seems to me were 'long overdue' for just about everything; meteorites, giant tsunamis, super volcanos, you name it!
perhaps its all waiting, and building up, for the great apocolypes!
fire shall rain from above and rise from below then the earth shall flood and freeze erasing all traces of its previus existance...

... ah.. if only... if only.
If the planet were not overdue we likely would not have any sapient life around here. I don't think we could have existed had the world been significanly different.
What killed the dinosaurs?

Large impacts set off volcanoes as well as cause tsunamis.

There are some pretty pictures here:

Originally posted by Vortexx
Superheated water under pressure remains liquid, once the pressure drops it will expand and turn to steam instantaniously - BOOM!

But if the eruption is set off by a drop in pressure then a man-made hole (BIG hole) in the ground could the trick as well. Or is this impossible with current technology ? (drilling, buried nukes etc.)

~what is a critical "low" presure ?~

Maybe something to do with the Triple Point: The point at which the three physical states of the substance - solid, liquid and gaseous - may co-exist. At lower pressure you can have only solid (at low temperatures) or vapour.
Yellowstone supervolcano

It's almost time again for the planet earth to experience another super catastrophic event, such as a supervolcano blowing it's top.....To be certain, the Yellowstone supervolcano is once again on the verge of demonstrating it's incredible, almost unimagineable destructive force that it will unleash on mankind.....This time, those of us who are aware of this almost certain calamity will understand that once it happens, there will be very few places where mankind can run or hide to escape the incredible destructive fury of a supervolcano blowing it's top, which is just about the mother of all catatrophic events.........The hour hand of the "Doomsday" clock is just about to strike 12:00........So, remember this, if you think it isn't going to happen, then ignore what's happening under Yellowstone right now....Once Yellowstone decides to go.....Forget about a smoking crater about the size of Rhode Island (conservative size estimate) left in the ground where Yellowstone use to be.....Forget about how much sulpuric acid and other toxic gases will be unleashed into our atmosphere when the Yellostone supervolcano decides to unleash it's incredible fury (and it will)......Every 600,000 plus years. So remember to leave that day "blank" on your calendar.....!!!

Bye Bye

Norm :)
I think man has reached the point where some of us would survive even a Chixulub type event. Fear for the individual, fear for the culture, but do not fear for the species.

Man... I just can't believe that I am slowly getting to be an OG around here.
Don't worry about the species? If you plan move to Wyoming or Montana anytime soon, let us know when Yellowstone "blows the lid off the kettle" will ya?

Hmmm.... Norman. First, welcome.
Then onto the topic: I hope that human research on substitute energy will be a great success, because when the super-volcano finishes erupting, the earth may start cool down and force us to drain our energy source for heat etc.
Actually when Yellowstone goes off and it will sometime in the not to distant future, there will be "survivors" and even though most of North America will be laid waist, now is the time to start to really look at how soon this calamity will happen......It seems that Yellowstone erupts every 600,000 plus years, almost like clockwork one would say. This time it's about 40,000 years over due. Now, if you study the ground swelling and new earthquake activity in and around Yellowstone, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that the magma chamber below Yellowstone is getting bigger and bigger....Right?...Right! Even IR sensors on orbiting satellites have detected a magma chamber under the park that is approx. 85km by 45km in diameter and even recent IR measurements from space show it's even bigger than that.....So, if I were a betting man, I'd say at the rate that the magma chamber is increasing, recent new earth quake activity and more ground swelling, the pressure buildup within the magma chamber must be almost at the "Break Point"........I would say that extra 40,000 years of pressure buildup will make this next Yellowstone blast an exceptionally "Big One".......How big, only time will tell. Will it exceed the Toba eruption in Sumatra that happened approx. 74,000 years ago and at that time, pushed mankind to the brink of extinction? Your guess is as good as mine on that one...But Yellowstone has the potential of producing the biggest supervolcano eruption of all time....My guess is that it will this time!!!!


I heard about the Tomba eruption as well.

From what I hear some genetic scientist did a genetics test and found that the eruption caused the population of people to go down to about 10,000 or so!:eek: