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What does everybody think about the Y2K bug? I don't think it will be a big problem like everyone says.
I don't see any reason to panic. What I fear is that some trivial little thing may go wrong, like a random ATM blinking out of order, and somebody doing the Chicken Little thing and blaming it on Y2K. It will never dawn on this guy that ATMs have gone out of order before Y2K. Or maybe a drunk plows into a light pole and a couple of blocks lose their power. This would be all that is needed to cause a panic.

For my part, I will deposit my check, like I always do, then spend the New Year's Eve at a party. Maybe all the paranoid nuts will have run to the hills and I won't have to worry about traffic.
I hope you're right. It doesn't hurt to heed a few warnings though. The threat of domestic terrorism is very real, given the significance (albiet arbitrary) of the millenium change (which of course, Y2K really is NOT). I am certain that there are plenty of nuts who are more than willing to martyr themselves, to ensure that the apocalyptic revelations of thier respective ideologies come to pass on NYE. I won't be running for the hills, but I will be vigilant.
As allways, be aware of what is around you, and rember only the most commited will win.
welll um, the predicted date has gone.... un distructive... i was kinda dissapointed thought, i kinda wanted to see carson dailey from mtv to get his ass blown up in times square, i'd drink to that

when christianity ruled the world, it was called the dark ages.

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