xev vetting posts that are critical of her position

Discussion in 'Site Feedback' started by spookz, Jan 19, 2004.

  1. thefountainhed Fully Realized Valued Senior Member

    From WANDERER in "Beware of the Greeks":

    God you're fucked up.
    Name one civilization, not some huts around a fire or some naked savages with feathers in their hair,but a great civilization moron!!!!!

    Ghana as a civilization?
    What the fuck are you talking about idiot?
    What the hell did the Songhai leave us to ponder over, eating bananas and headhunting?
    Maybe how to paint the body or how to stew man flesh.

    Should we all be amazed at the intellectual offerings WANDERER provides in those two blocks? Were his intentions to enlighten the masses? Why the hell are those posts allowed to stand? Because you were arguing for his position and in support of his position. Yuck Yuck Yuck. What are you you doing Porf?? This is suckening.
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  3. ripleofdeath Registered Senior Member

    what a scene this has become!
    i am sorely dissapointed the spooks has been banned
    i did enjoy the flaming that went on between him and Xev
    though the language was very much R18
    i thought the two of them got off on it and created an intersting play, of cheerleaders and guest appearences by the odd person to only add to the
    running adult comedy

    i do find it rather odd that it has gone in such a manner to this point
    and ponder the concept of the new broom new season psychology
    of cyclic self moderation by transferance...
    i am not stating that, but hinting that it could easily be interpreted that way
    i am well aware of both Xev and Spooks making posts that can sound very abstract and potentialy offensive if you are unaware of their format of
    as it is those who choose to sit in the crap and then complain are amoung those who seem to perpetuate it on a revolving cycle...
    and so we will see as things transpire or deminish as such

    i cant recall the thread off hand although it would be fair to say that given some one is a moderator .. what does that represent in responsibility?
    the same as a high number of posts?
    interesting concept when interpreted on that level as some have refered to it as being note worthy
    i have long since given up trying to have intellegent discusions with people who use sexual acts in forms of abusive coloquelisms
    it is a sure sign of lack of intellegence most often ... and all above mentioned and inclusive partys seem to have engaged in that at some point

    ohh well ...
    they should have had there own area to insult each other!
    the insults forum...
    could have been quite funny!
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  5. outlandish smoki'n....... Registered Senior Member

    somebody please tell me it's a joke right? He hasn't really been banned right?
    wtf is going on??

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  7. Bells Staff Member

    Nope Wraith, it doesn't appear to be a joke. Sad fact is that it seems he has been banned

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  8. whitewolf asleep under the juniper bush Registered Senior Member

    Uh, so many people get away with things in sciforums. It seems to me that they wouldn't ban him if he didn't bring up the issue. Anyways, it's not fair!!!!
  9. sweet Pentax Registered Senior Member

    maybe the magic words are : open goverment and poll

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  10. static76 The Man, The Myth, The Legend Registered Senior Member

    The problem is that Spookz has a long history of doing this with moderators. He had a long feud with Goofyfish, Asguard, and now Xev and CC. I doubt it was an easy decision for Porfiry to ban him, but even his patience has it's limits.

    I'm sad to see Spookz go, BUT he brought it down onto himself.

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  11. outlandish smoki'n....... Registered Senior Member

    He'll be back.
    and in anycase, wasn't he banned and then let back in once before?
  12. thefountainhed Fully Realized Valued Senior Member

    Obviously I believe the reasons given for banning spookz show an inability by Porfiry to universally apply the very same rules to all members.
  13. Flores Registered Senior Member

    Can't speek of the fountainhed, but spookz is sometimes the only sane voice on this board....seriously. I had spookz (A man of integrity) figured out from his first post at sciforums and he never changed his ways from day one. Almost everyone here including the moderators and myself (excluding Raithere, Spookz, and few others) are self serving emotional rollercoasters, bunch of self back patting, dick stroking, ace kissing bastards. I haven't been here long, but everything on sciforums changes from opinions to fonts, even moderators change and would love to hide certain aspects of themselves. Spookz on the other hand is the only datum of constancy for this forum.
  14. outlandish smoki'n....... Registered Senior Member

  15. Flores Registered Senior Member

    What a shame....Please reconsider Porifry. I have really learned much more from his so called "persistent campaign to harrass" than I have ever learned from XEV. Why are we puniching the man for mastering the English Language to such a level where his one liners are way effective than years and years of ranting. He just have a different style, and many of us are not offended by it.
  16. Mephura Applesauce, bitch... Valued Senior Member

    His one liners are more effective?
    Effective at what exactly? When I first came here, I tried to be nice to everyone. Reguardless of their stance, I honestly rried to look at things there way and reach an understanding one way or another. Spookz changed that. With the possible exception of one peson, I haven't had dealings with anyone else on this board that would just plauge threads simply because they were out to annoy the person. The most informative thing i have seen out of spookz in the last 6 months is his guide to being a troll. He existed here not to inform, spread ideas, or communicate, but simply to annoy and harras.

    No one is punching him for mastering the english language.
    They are banning him for abusing his use of it.
  17. gendanken Ruler of All the Lands Valued Senior Member

    Sit up, you, and read:
    There's a clear line seperating rhetoric and the bathroom brawl, and that line is so loud your ears would bleed. If you're going to lash out, its a disservice to you to wallow in:

    -fucking bitch
    -let me rip you a new asshole you bitch
    -bitch, my carribbean dick, your pussy and so and so on........

    Filthy, childish, crass and as ugly as that face of yours. Tiassa and myself have butted heads before but in doing so steered the issue with a sense of refinement, if nothing else. Go back and read it- you'll find a 20 paged thread that reads like a novel. Your tripe reads like a bathroom wall down at K-mart.

    You're visual food poisoning, amigo.

    Now, if the instigator was the deletion of posts by a moderator, I've read the thread and will allow that Xev should have shown more discretion. However, the poodle did like to dig holes and if it weren't for the digging he would probably still be here by now. Bad spooky.

    Yowsa. Almost forgot- he *did* put up the how-to's on trolling, didn't he?But still though......won't his inanities be missed.........a drop?

    * and its harrass, my lord. H-a-r-r-a-s-s. We'll throw that in there with reguardless.....
    Last edited: Jan 20, 2004
  18. outlandish smoki'n....... Registered Senior Member

    is that fucking "gradeschool teacher" hat stapled to your scabby bonce or what?
    Jesus, you taking up redoubtable's mantle or what??
  19. Flores Registered Senior Member


    I can not doubt/question your sincerity, genuinity, and tact...I experienced it first hand. But please reread your own words and ponder a second. You said in the same sentence HONESTLY TRY BE NICE EVERYONE....So, you are basically telling me that me, proud syrian, chethluss slave, XEV, are all equal animals in which you would try to the same extend to have a conversation with each of us and reach a conclusion. How can you honestly hold an acceptable level of interest in the subject while you are willing to entertain such a wide variety of animals that won't even agree to mate if they were the last species alive. Is that too sincere Mephura? Would you really like Spookz to be just like you? It aint gonna happen....why? Because spookz has been here far longer than you...he has discussed back and forth to the point of saturation. He have seen it all, discussed it all, ect...He have already reached the understanding that you are speaking of...He no longer need to try honestly to be nice to everyone, because he has a level of experience that allows him to read people much quicker than you. Does sciforum appreciates that level of experience? Obviously not.....they perceive it as attacks, specially when some of the moderators lack the self confident the is needed to effectively adminster the position.

    What is my personal assessment of this situation? XEV feels threatened by spookz...he overshadows her. He beats her to the punch line...He exposes her weak arguments...and Queen XEV, while striving to be just like him, must kill him first to assume his role and steal his personality....This crap about XEV trying to minimize disturbances in the theads is the most barfing thing I have ever heard, considering that she is usually the source of disturbance. Much like the christians had to kill Jesus first to say that he is god...afterall when he is dead, he can no longer argue back with them...XEV would like to kill spookz first, then perfect his style for herself.
  20. gendanken Ruler of All the Lands Valued Senior Member

    Negetive, cochino.

    Only if I come off a dog-eared thesaurus would you have any right to compare me to that second rate schoolboy, Redoubtable. Eat it.

  21. outlandish smoki'n....... Registered Senior Member

    I'll give you props on that one.
  22. gendanken Ruler of All the Lands Valued Senior Member

    Mad props, fo shizzy.

    Ta ta........
  23. outlandish smoki'n....... Registered Senior Member


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